Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Gonna Get Good

Yesterday Chas called me on his way home from work to ask when I wanted to start on my floors.  At the time, I was standing in the lumberyard talking to a guy about picture rail for the front parlor.  This strikes me as very funny. 

Anyhow, it should surprise absolutely no one that my answer to his question was, "Tonight."  Chas makes this little noise, sort of a cross between a grunt and an "uh-huh", when he's stalling the conversation.  He made that noise.  I backtracked.  "I mean, you could come look at 'em tonight.  I don't expect you to actually start on 'em after you worked a 10-hour day pourin' concrete." 

So last night he came over and looked at the floors, cursed the people who glued carpet to them, speculated (as did Mare a couple of years ago) that they might not be the original flooring, kicked at the tack strip still left here and there, pulled out a couple of staples, and then gave his verdict:  "Let's get goin' on 'em."

I, of course, took that to mean right this very minute and was ready to push the furniture out of the dining room and into the mostly-empty front parlor.  Then, in a rare moment of practical thinking, I actually said, "I probably oughta finish papering the front parlor first, and maybe even hang that picture rail."  And he replied, "Well, I can help you with that too."  I resisted the urge to jump up and down while clapping my hands.  (At least until after he left.)

Stay tuned.  This is gonna get good.


  1. Yee..haw! This is gonna be a good year!

  2. My first thought was, "Marry the man." TOTALLY kidding though. Totally. But, you know, just so we know, um, is he married? Just kidding!

  3. Lucky girl.

    Looking forward to seeing your floor finishing procedure.

    Did you ever decide on paint etc for your kitchen or did that pass?

    Happy New Year!!!

  4. So...once he left...how many jumps & how many claps???

    Silly grin on my face for ya!!!!

  5. You must be doing something right, girl! I agree with Christine, marry the guy!!

  6. Christine & Karen Patrick, He's not married. :)

    Dynochick (Jan), I decided that a turquoise kitchen right next to my cream-and-gold dining room might not look so great. Also, when all the doors are open you can see the kitchen from the front parlor, and turquoise doesn't "go" with the front parlor AT ALL. Hee hee.

    Cheryl, It was a good two minutes of jumping and clapping!

  7. Saw this following your twitter link to a photo:


    wow, what a great house.

    How's WTB?

  8. Karen Anne, That is a GREAT house. It's 3 houses to the west of me and it's a B&B. Here's a link to their website so you can see more pics:
    It's owned by a woman who's a retired LTC, U.S. Army. She's an amazing woman.

  9. Karen Anne, I haven't seen WTB in a while, but I did have a funny conversation with him last week. I might blog about that.

  10. Aghh, and I see from its website that the house is for sale. It's a good thing I don't have that kind of money laying around :-)