Wednesday, January 25, 2012

And He Said...

So Tuesday night Charles got into town from work early and we talked floors.  Again.  We talk about floors a lot, but we make no progress.  This is due almost entirely to the fact that he works days and I work nights and we don't have the same days off.  Two weeks ago he said he'd start on the floors as soon as he got laid off, which since the weatherman was calling for snow, we thought would be imminent.  Charles does concrete work for a living.  It's unheard of to still be pouring concrete, in Missouri, outside, in January.  But here we are, and it doesn't look like he's going to be laid off anytime soon.  We were talking about something then, something like working whenever we wanted, when I said, like an idiot:

"That reminds me of the scene in that movie Sweet Home Alabama when she says, 'What do you wanna marry me for, anyway?' and he says--"

Charles interrupted me with a grin, "And he says, 'So I can kiss you any time I want'."

And right about then the protective coating of ice around my heart cracked off and my heart fell out of my body and bounced across the floor like a cat toy before I hurriedly scooped it up and shoved it way, way back down into my chest, I mean wayyyy down in there, and covered it back up with caution and skepticism, because there will be none of this falling-in-love schidt occurring here anytime soon.  Nope.  None.  Not even if he is 6'2" and built like an MLB pitcher and knows that scene from a movie and especially not just because he said he'd refinish my floors for almost nothing.  Not.  Gonna.  Happen. 

So after I stuffed my little black and bruised heart back into my chest and recovered (sorta) from that near-disaster, I asked him how he knew those lines from that movie.  He said, "Because I've seen that movie about a thousand times...but don't tell nobody, okay?"

I promised not to.  But I had my fingers crossed at the time because even then, thirty seconds after it happened, I was thinking, I gotta blog about this....y'all can keep a secret, right?


  1. Just don't sell the house, okay :-)

  2. Don't say, "I do", until the floors are done!

  3. Sounds to me like it's already too late.

  4. I would say being willing to refinish floors is a very good sign in a potential romance.

    I mean, since white trash bob is taken and all that ;)

  5. Karen Patrick, I am willfully talking myself out of it. Willfully, I tell you. ;)

    Plantingoaks, That's another thing....could any other man ever possibly measure up to WTB as a "project husband"? I think not.

  6. Google the word Beshert

  7. How is falling in love like diy work? 1) it happens before you know it 2) it becomes addicting 3) and worst...sometimes there is a time when it hurts like the dickens. Whatever will be, will be. Be careful, for yours and his sakes. Guys hurt too.

  8. Anonymous, Falling in love really IS like DIY...for good & for not-so-good.... I have a strict rule, born of having my own heart broken, that I will not break somebody else's heart if at all possible.