Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Caulky House

Seriously, after the past couple of days I'm thinking this place is more The Caulky House than The Kelly House...
The before-and-during shot...Curling paint to the right, halfway down; nicely-scraped paint above and below that; and then allllll that caulk.  Work pauses until Saturday. 


  1. That seriously doesn't look like any fun but I'm going to have to do the same thing to all the doors and windows of our chicken coop. The paint just wont stop peeling.

  2. Oh, I see from your twitter feed that the Highland house has sold.

    I know, maybe, what you feel like. I still have a pang about my childhood house being sold not to me a year or two ago.

    Trying to think things work out for the best.

    Hope no indoor kitties etc. got outside when the door sprang open?

  3. Is the purpose of the caulk to protect the bare wood or is it so that when painted the final coat will not show uneven patches where the previous paint job has chipped off?

  4. Christine, I'm actually kinda enjoying it...I think I need counseling. Haha.

    Karen Anne, I'm still holding out hope that WTB bought the Highland house for me. No kitties escaped!

    IBB, Bob tells me that the caulk seals the edge between paint and wood and will stop the peeling. I have high hopes.

  5. Your tweet about an earthquake. Yes, I missed Loma Prieta because I was in my car. Maybe we need to put houses on springs.

  6. Read the black rhino tweet. Cr*p. Sometimes I think humans are a plague. Other times I know it.

    At least one environmental organization, and only one as far as I can tell, the Center for Biological Diversity, has the guts to make human overpopulation an issue. We're already well over the carrying capacity of the planet for humans and getting worse all the time.