Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Playin' the Blues

It's 2 a.m.  I couldn't sleep very well Sunday night (I have a cold or something--sore throat, stuffy nose, headache, etc.) and so I laid down for a short nap Monday after lunch.  I woke up at 7:30 p.m.  So much for going to the new hardware store in town to get paint samples.  Sigh.  So here I am, at 2 a.m. Tuesday morning, hoping that I go to sleep soon and that I don't sleep through my alarm.  Again. 

I've been playing with Virtual Painter on the Valspar website.
Deep Turquoise

Glass Green

LaFonda Teal

Ocean Soul

Positano Blue

Sea Wave

Tidal Teal
I've narrowed it down to these.  So far.  Until later today when I come home with 57 paint chips.  (Past experience speaking here.)  Then I'll tape those up all over the walls, force myself to narrow it down to my three four five favorites and buy samples of those, which I'll paint onto posterboard, tape onto the walls, and live with for a month week until I decide which color to use.  Which one do y'all like best?  I have a favorite already, but I don't want to say in case it might keep someone from saying it's a godawful color.

(By the way, it's not that I have any overwhelming allegiance to Valspar--although I do like it--it's that Valspar is available locally and I'm trying to support local business.) 


  1. My monitor is not good at reproducing colors.

    Is there going to be more red somewhere? i was thinking the trim was going to be red, maybe not including the door.

    if I have to be somewhere for sure, I set a backup alarm clock across the room, i.e. not reachable from the bed, to a time when for sure I have to be up. My alarm clocks are battery powered.

  2. Not fond of any of them. Sorry. I like the yellow it already is. Yellow is my favorite color in a kitchen. I know that is not what you want to hear.

  3. My fav. Is sea wave.

    Though I'm having a bit of trouble telling just how yellow the background of the chicken paper is, or if it's just reflecting the yellow in the rest of the room. That may end up being a sticky point.

  4. I thought the bottom of the wall was going to be red and you were going to use blueish/tealish as an accent.

    Are your cabinets painted, I can't picture them right now.

    Currently none of the colors wow me but if forced to pick (like if someone had a gun to my head and and said "pick a color or I'll cut all your doors in half.") I would go with the teal based colors rather than the robin egg blue.

  5. Not sure if you're aware of this but you can go to sites like Sherwin Williams, and upload a picture of your actual room into their application. You can then select colors to apply to the room, after using the masking tools to select between main areas, trim, etc. Then it will show you the colors more realistically, with shading and such. It's pretty decent. I've used it to do mock ups of some exterior color schemes I'm considering for my house.

  6. My two favorites are LaFonda Teal and Deep Turquoise.

  7. I vote for LaFonda Teal.

  8. Positano Blue looks like it might have the most flexibility if matched with red. But Ocean Soul just speaks to me...wonder if the folks at the paint factory knew that? (That would be a cool job...coming up with paint names...)

  9. My favorites are the Deep Turquoise and Ocean Soul. So unlike me to go for the deeper tones - all my walls are pastels!

    Any chance you can post pictures showing different angles of the kitchen? It might help to see how much wall is to be painted & how much wallpaper there is.

    I can't remember much about your kitchen - are your cabinets painted or wood? That will affect which turquoise works best also.

    And you better pick up red paint swatches while you're there to start figuring out a red for the furniture that works with whichever turquoise you pick.

    Orlando, FL

  10. Oh crap.

    All I did was think about your kitchen today. LOL Like I don't have enough at my own house to think about right now.

    I'm seeing painted cabinets when I think about teal/blue and red. Maybe white cupboards, white trim, walls either red or blue with furniture painted in the color you don't paint the wall.

    My picks..
    cabinets/trim white
    walls red
    furniture teal/blue

    Listen to me.....paint this red...blue...etc This coming from someone who is going to paint their kitchen WHITE!!!

  11. I'm going to vote for keeping the yellow. Weren't you planning a bathroom reno? Could you use the blue there?

  12. As someone who lived with a deep teal kitchen for a while, I vote for the color two shades lighter than the Glass Green. Dark walls and dark cabinets just suck the light right out of a kitchen unless you're fortunate enough to have really big windows.
    If the wall space is more of an accent color against light cabinetry, you'd be okay with a deeper tone. I can't remember what your kitchen looks like (or what you're planning to do with it.)

  13. Seriously, any chance you can continue that picture rail onto the righthand wall and run your wallpaper above it and have the aqua paint below? And ditto anywhere you don't have cabinets, a wall full of doors, etc.?

    I like the more intense shades, incidentally.