Friday, October 21, 2011

I Have An Idea

I have an idea.  Another one, besides painting the kitchen turquoise.  Now mind you, I've been sick since Sunday morning so I've had a lot of free time to think, in between sleeping, and barfing while Mean Little Marie stands on my back (she has well-earned her name), and going to the doctor, and sleeping some more. 

Y'all probably remember me griping and complaining about how much it bugs me that the back door's been moved and doesn't match up with the back walkway.  The reason the back door was moved is that Charline (the suckiest of the Sucky Previous Owners, the one who shingled the damn house) had a shower stall put in on the back porch, right in front of the door, which necessitated moving the door.  The stupidity of this continues to thoroughly amaze me. 

Anyhow, Mare and I came up with this grandiose plan a little over two years ago to remodel the bathrooms:  we'd tear out the shower stall, move the back door to its (sort of) original location, put in a window where the door is now, knock out the wall between the two bathrooms, tear out all the fixtures in those two bathrooms, repair the water-damaged subfloor, lay a hex tile floor, put up beadboard, paint or paper the walls, and then install all new fixtures and a clawfoot tub.  Whew.  This is typical of Mare and me, to come up with a plan that far outstrips both our time and our resources. 

Now here's my new idea:  Divide and conquer.  Tear out the shower stall, move the back door, and put in a window.  Leave the rest for later.  Of course, it's not really that simple.  Tearing out the shower stall will still be a pain in the hiney.  So will moving that door and putting in a window.  A lesser pain in the hiney, though, than trying to do everything all at once.  Now I just have to track down Mare, who's been MIA for several months and see what he thinks of this idea.

Oh, and I'm still hanging onto that other idea of painting the kitchen turquoise.  I just got sidetracked this week by illness.  I'll find more pictures of the kitchen, both past and present, so you can get a better idea of what and where I'm planning to paint. 


  1. Step away from the paint chips, woman. Why redo something that is already done? Are you running a fever? I think you might be delusional.

  2. Christine, after I posted this I thought about that very thing and my enthusiasm has waned. LOL.

    Karen Anne, I feel better thanks to a lot of rest and some good meds from my favorite Family Nurse Practitioner. Thanks for the link to the story! We don't get happy stories too often, and that's a good one. Great pics with the story, too.