Saturday, October 15, 2011

House of Blues

Yesterday afternoon when I was looking for something in the cargo space of the Toaster (what the guys at work dubbed my Kia Soul) I pushed a bag aside and the contents spilled out:  red envelopes, scrapbook paper in different shades of turquoise blue, pink ribbon, white cardstock.  Supplies for my save-the-date cards.  They were gonna be so cute, y'all.  Sooo cute. 

Let's all pause just a moment for a prayer, shall we?  Thank you, Jesus, for giving me a brain so that I could figure out that marrying a man who hates old houses, calls me by his ex-wife's name, and goes through a one-liter bottle of Ten High Bourbon in three days would have been a terrible, terrible mistake from which I might never have recovered.  Amen.

Anyhow, as I was cramming all that stuff back into the bag I was thinking about how much I like that color combination.  Pale turquoise and a clear red is such a lively, pretty combination.  It's a shame I don't have anywhere in the house I could use that.....or do I?  What if I repainted the yellow kitchen?  Would it look good with the red-and-white chicken wallpaper?  Turquoise might not look good with the green table and chairs, but I've been wanting to repaint them anyway.  I bought them online and the description said "distressed"--in reality, it looks like a wolverine clawed the table legs and the chair backs.  I painted the kitchen yellow back when the outside of the house was still covered with yucky brown shingles and I was dying for some color.  Now that the outside of the house is yellow, this is a bit too much yellow for me.  

What do y'all think?  Pale turquoise?  Robin's egg? Stupid idea?


  1. love it. Who can go wrong with chicken wallpaper?

  2. Sounds very attractive to me. But why not markup a photo in an online drawing program, like the free Paint that comes with Windows, and see what you think?

    wolverine, lol! ha ha ha ha ha.

  3. It sounds very cheerful and I agree with Melanie, everything goes with chickens! ;D

  4. Karen Anne, I realized a little while ago that Valspar has a Virtual Painter thing-y on their website, so I uploaded the photo of my kitchen and painted away. Monday I'll go and look at actual paint chips to see how far off my monitor is.

  5. Pale turquoise walls with a red table & chairs should work with the chickens. Maybe see what you can find with red & turquoise together for chair cushions - may have to sew those but that should be simple enough.

    Only caution would be - do you see this room from other rooms? You don't need the rooms to match but they do need to play nice.

    Orlando, FL

  6. Jayne, Google - "turquoise and red kitchen images."
    OMG, you won't believe all the pictures that comes up! Have fun looking and share with us which ones inspire you. ;D

  7. I can vouch for the turquoise. My bathroom is painted an incredibly bright turquoise after a friend's bathroom that I loved. While I wouldn't recommend my exact shade for a larger room, the turquoise works 'in real life' as well as it does in the pictures.

    It will be such a dramatic change from those earthy yellows and greens. I'm having trouble even visualizing it, but you should totally go for it.