Monday, October 31, 2011


I saved some pics until today to show you, because they're appropriately creepy.

Now that discussion on tearing out the shower stall on the back porch/laundry room has turned serious, there's the question of what to do with the gaping holes that will be in the porch ceiling once the ugly shower is gone.  (The walls surrounding the shower stall extend up through the porch ceiling.)  I thoroughly detest the 1970s-era acoustic tiles on the ceiling and was hoping that the original beadboard ceiling might be above them.  First I carefully removed one of the tiles.  And by "carefully removed", of course I mean I smashed the thing with a hammer.  Insulation and dirt rained down.  No beadboard or other earlier ceiling was visible.  Well, crap. 

Then I wondered just how much insulation was up there, and if the roofline of the existing porch at all matched the roofline of the original porch, and if the ceiling might be raised so that the transom between the kitchen and the back porch might be used (right now it's painted over and was tacked shut), so I climbed up on a stepladder, pried the transom open, and took these photos: 
A fair amount of insulation.

Existing roofline does not match original at all. 

Impressive cobwebs.
And the results of this investigation:  The ceiling will stay right where it is....but it will be covered over with beadboard.


  1. Could you remove the paint from the transom glass & put something pretty behind it? Even easier I guess would be to just put something pretty on the kitchen side of the glass without removing the paint.

    My first thought was that a picture of your cats' faces peeking through the tramsom would be great fun!

    Orlando, FL

  2. Guess I need spell check on comments - that really should be transom not tramsom in that last sentence.