Saturday, August 13, 2011


This past week has been crazy.  Downright insane.  Crazy weather, crazy man at the gas station telling me I've brought the Gates of Hell upon myself, crazy work schedule, crazy flea medicine that caused Libbi to actually have more fleas than she did before I used it, crazy yard light at the neighbors flashing off and on constantly for five days now...craziness. 

And because of all that, I've gotten nothing done on the house since the last time I posted.  As my friend Sharon would say, "GAH!"   My greatest accomplishment in the past eleven days has been to maintain the house's usual level of dust and cat hair without it getting any worse. 

Tonight I work a very odd 5-hour shift in the wee hours, then a nap, then a road trip during which I might possibly allow myself to feel the teensiest bit of self-pity because the 13th was supposed to be my wedding day.  Back by suppertime Monday night for burgers, beers and shenanigans at Westport Flea Market with the inimitable Dougar. 

And maybe, just maybe, something will be accomplished on the house before I go back to work on Tuesday night....


  1. Here's a hug! You have your kitties, your family, your friends, WTB and Mrs. WTB.

    I have new neighbors who floodlight their yard (and so mine and into my house) at night as long as they're up (or all night if they forget to turn them off. or all week if they forget to turn them off when they leave - they bought this as a weekend house.)

    It's supposed to be, like dark at night, no? Dark and peaceful, sigh.

  2. Cut yourself some slack. Sometimes life gets in the way of our best-laid plans. As for your wedding day... count your blessings. I know it is loved the guy, after all. But I was married to the wrong man for 15 years. I've now been married to the right man for almost 20 years. There are a lot worse things than not being married.

  3. Kelly house is quite adorable and lively. Looking for more updates on your house.

  4. "Gates of Hell"?? That sounds like excellent story material!