Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Let's Review

So here's that to-do list I made Saturday, with completed items crossed-off...
  • Put a third coat of paint on the foyer side of the door.
  • Patch & paint the parlor side of that same door.*
  • Finish painting the trim in the parlor.
  • Tear up the last little strip of carpet in there.
  • Scrape up the glued-down carpet pad.
  • Patch & paint the parlor side of the parlor/bedroom door.* 
And here's what I actually did on my days off:
  • Cleaned out the big closet on the back porch.
  • Hung a shelf up in that closet.
  • Tore up tack strip in the two parlors.  (Some, not all.)
  • Painted some trim in both parlors.
  • Made cinnamon rolls from scratch.
  • Moved the clothes rod in the parlor closet.**
  • Dragged a wicker table destined for the trash back into my bedroom to use as a tv stand.
  • Moved all my clothes out of the teeny closet in my bedroom and into the big closet in the parlor.
  • Pushed my nightstand (which was doing duty as a tv stand) in front of the bedroom closet.***
  • Put together a shoe rack.
  • Hung up a set of 11 pictures in the second parlor. 
  • Had movie night with the kitties and the doggie after the staple incident.

*I'll probably at least patch the doors before I go to bed tonight--er, in the morning.
**I figured out that the problem with the parlor closet is not that the closet is too shallow, it's that the clothes rod was installed too close to the back wall.  I moved it forward and now I have a great big closet to use.  For now.  Unless and until I decide to put back the doors to the side porch.
***I have six--yes, six--doors in my bedroom, so wall space is at a premium.  Ever since I moved into this bedroom, I've been without a nightstand because the bed is flanked by the kitchen door and the closet door with about 2 inches to spare on either side.  (By the way, the other four doors lead to:  the bathroom, the spare bedroom, the side porch, and the second parlor.)

As usual, I'm totally incapable of sticking to a plan.


  1. You got a ton done, though.

    I had a door-o-rama in my old house. A bedroom had a door opening directly into the kitchen, even though it also had a door opening into the hallway the other bedroom and bathroom had doors opening into.

    If you looked along that kitchen wall, you could see that at an earlier time there had been another door in that wall, subsequently closed over. Why? I would really like to know what was going on with that.

    They'd done a lot of odd stuff to the kitchen also. Sighting along the walls, again, there was the outline of perhaps a chimney. I'd give a small amount to know what the kitchen had looked like originally.

    I miss that house...

  2. You made cinnamon rolls from scratch?!?! Now I'm impressed! LOL!

    You have trouble sticking to a plan? Me too, but I find lists really helps me. I feel I've accomplished something when I can mark things off.

  3. Milah, Welllll....sort of from scratch. I let my breadmaker knead the dough. lol

  4. To do lists never seem to work out so well for me either. Project one always seems to make three more projects and if I ever get to project three or four I never seem to have the things I need or the energy left for it.

  5. Hi Jayne,

    I'm a newcomer to your blog. Someone on the Old House Web forum listed it as a favorite. After working my way through from the beginning, I can see why.

    Your writing is great, you're literate and well-read, the fact that you're tackling this on your own with limited tools and financial resources is very compelling, and above all, you pour yourself into each entry. We get to know you as a person along with watching your progress on the house.

    Thanks for sharing all this with us!


    P.S. We have the exact same hinges, right down to the pattern.

  6. Dave, that's high praise, there. Thanks so much for your kind words. I'll try to live up to that. :)

    ps: Those hinges must have been common stock way back when. As my friend Christy said, "Why don't we demand beauty in the small things any more?"