Monday, June 27, 2011

Water Over Road

More signs are popping up along 224 Highway (an east/west route that runs along the Missouri River) that warn "Water Over Road".  In the little river towns, that's a common thing every spring.  We usually drive around the roadblocks to see for ourselves.  That's what I did Monday morning on my way home from work.

Taken looking WB from the Sni Mini Mart parking lot.
The bridge at Wellington didn't have any water over it, so I parked my car in the Mini Mart parking lot to see how high Sni-A-Bar Creek is.  Pretty darn high. 

And then I walked across the bridge to get a closer look at the water over the highway. 
Yikes.  No way am I driving through all that.
So I got back in the Brave Little Toaster (the nickname the guys at work have given my Kia Soul) to find another way home.  With 24 Highway (the other main east/west route through Lafayette County besides the interstate) closed for bridge replacement just east of Wellington, getting from here to there is...interesting.  I backtracked just a little ways on 224 to get back to Route 131, which runs north/south from Wellington.  I took 131 to FF Highway, then took FF to a gravel road called Flournoy School Road, then drove along the gravel road until I could get back on 24 Highway east of where it's closed.  And when I finally got to Lexington, I decided to drive over to 224 again to see how bad it is from the east end of the flooding.
Not looking so good here either.
That was taken at about the same location where my son took a photo back on June 4th.  It sure doesn't look like 224 will be open for traffic anytime soon.  So far, that's my biggest inconvenience.  The town's water plant has been sandbagged for about three weeks and the river hasn't topped the sandbags yet.  Let's hope it stays that way.  I feel sorry for all the people upriver who have been evacuated and are losing their homes and belongings.


  1. Is this normal for Spring, or is it worse this year?

    I'm impressed by the photos of people building levees around their houses out in farmland.

  2. It's much worse this year. Google "Gavin's Point Dam" to see the extent of the problem--in a nutshell, record snowmelt & record rainfall have overfilled the reservoir at Gavin's Point and they're releasing LOTS of water through the dam. That's up near Yankton, SD...4 or so days later, that water reaches us in Napoleon/Wellington/Lexington, MO.

  3. The son of a KC friend (RL & FB) posted photos on Facebook the other day of him and his parents helping sandbag at Weston. Didn't show what the river looked like the other side of the levee. Wish he had.