Saturday, June 11, 2011

Shame, Shame

Because Christine said she's a visual learner, and because Karen Anne asked "yucky floor?", and because I have no shame, here's what the entryway looks like:

There's the schoolhouse desk, which belongs in the second parlor (through that doorway behind the desk), the scraps of wallpaper, the can of paint in the corner and the bird prints.  In the corner opposite the can of paint you can see a narrow cardboard box--that's the wallpaper for the front parlor.  If you look closely, you can see a Can of Hope atop the desk.  White Trash Bob gave me that.  I have no idea why my wrecker bar is in here.  Nothing needs wrecking.  And look, Karen Anne, there's the yucky floor.  I got a little bit lucky with this room and when I yanked up the glued-on carpet, some of the glue came with it, mostly around the edges of the room.  My temporary fix for that (until I hand over my life savings to Joey the Floor Man) is to cover the center of the room with an area rug.

I estimate that straightening up this room will take me three hours, including the drying time for the paint on the door and the trip to and from my mom's house for the bench.  Shame on me for putting this off for five months.

This might've been a better photo had I stood on the front porch to take it, but I was in my flying piggy jammies at the time.  So maybe I do have a lil bit of shame...


  1. Oh, I could post photos of my house that would make you feel a whole lot better and much less shameful. Seriously.

  2. That room is going to be incredible when it's finished. It's already pretty darn incredible with that wallpaper up.

    I'd post a picture of my living/dining room, which is the staging area for my projects and repository for furniture from the rooms being worked on, but I'm afraid our dreaded Dept. of Elderly Affairs would use that as proof I ought to be taken away :-)