Friday, June 10, 2011

On A Roll Again

Before the, um, recent unpleasantness in my personal life, I was on a roll at the Kelly House.  I'd committed to working on only one room at a time and actually stuck to that commitment.  I had plans for the other rooms of the house, but I fiercely resisted the temptation to start on another thing before the first thing was finished.  For the first time in...well....ever, I had both mental goals and written goals, in some cases complete with projected budget for said goals.

And then I completely and totally lost my cotton-pickin' mind and nearly married a man who doesn't even like old houses.  What.  The.  Sam.  Hill.

It's taken me a bit to recover from that.  (Truth be told, I'm not completely recovered just yet, but I sure am working on it.)  Ever since the fur-babies and I came back to the Kelly House full-time, I've flitted from one thing to another and accomplished not much besides making the house look like an even bigger disaster than it was.  Trim partially painted here, one strip of wallpaper there, furniture pushed out into the middle of the rooms, pieces of carpet being yanked off the floor.  It's time to get on a roll again.

So I settled down to one goal for the next week:  finish up the entryway.  Months ago I stripped off the old yucky paper, painted the trim in there, hung that fabulous chocolate wallpaper and put up a new wall sconce.  Then I stopped.  There's a box of wallpaper scraps in the corner, my big orange EMS box/toolbox is smack in the middle of the floor, the schoolhouse desk from the second parlor is blocking the door, and the cool bird prints I bought are on the floor propped against the wall.  This week I'll straighten all that up, hang the pictures, paint at least the entryway side of the door between the entryway and the second parlor, try to find an area rug to cover up the yucky floor, and retrieve the antique bench from my mom's house that belongs in there.  Getting one thing done always motivates me to get the next thing done, and then the next thing, and then the thing after that.  In theory, anyway....


  1. What's the yucky floor?

    Looking forwards to photos after, in between, whatever :-)

  2. Well, the important thing is that you managed to come to your senses!

    And your plan of attack sounds a lot like mine. I've managed to start so many things and get distracted by others, and of course that whole life and work thing in the interim, that I no longer know where to start.

    Just keep pluggin. It'll work itself out.

  3. You are one smart girl. You didn't get involved in a marriage that could hurt you more than you already have been. Like you said choose an area and keep at it. Sometimes I get bored and do go on to another for a day but come right back and keep plugging away. escaped the worst of it.

  4. Good luck with the water plant. Sandbagging is hard work. Like I'm telling you something you don't know.

  5. I believe the medical term for it is "twitterpated". Glad you have made a complete recovery!

    Okay, so why are there no pictures? I'm a visual learner.

  6. By the way, very nice new site design.

  7. Hey, your site is no longer up at blogger. what up? I had to access this through google cache...