Sunday, June 19, 2011

Foyer Rug

I found a rug for the foyer.  But now that it's in there, I think it might look a little blah...I don't know...What do y'all think?  I really like the rug, I'm just not sure I like it in the foyer.  It's a jute and cotton blend, so it feels pretty soft underfoot.  I can see it becoming a favorite kitty scratching place, so between the rug and the table-window-Depression glass combo that Jan pointed out (thanks, I hadn't thought of that!) the kitties will not be allowed in here except under close adult supervision.
At least it covers most of the yucky floor

Possibly blah rug notwithstanding, the foyer looks a darn sight better than it did four years ago...
And that photo was taken after I pulled up wall-to-wall carpeting the same color as the walls and chipped away a QuikRete ramp between the foyer and the second parlor.  (Still can't figure out the reasoning behind that one!)  When I moved in, the window was covered by rickety wooden shutters and a voluminous tan balloon shade.  Please note the "kitties are IN" sign on the front door.  Classy, no?  Back when the front porch was enclosed and boxed-in the front door, the cats spent a lot of time on the front porch.  I did not.  Now that the porch walls are knocked down and only half of it is screened, the tables are turned--I spend a lot of time out on the front porch and the kitties spend a lot of time in the second parlor meowing at me through the window. 

When I finish painting the door between the second parlor and the foyer, then this room will be done!  Foyer, front porch, house exterior, kitchen, dining room:  done.  Front parlor, second parlor, back porch (laundry room), two bathrooms, and two bedrooms:  still to do.


  1. You are moving right along.

    I hope I didn't bum you out about the kitty thing but as a cat owner I have had my fair share of broken glass.

  2. Thanks, Karen Anne.

    Jan, Not at all! I didn't think of it, so I appreciate you pointing that out. Currently Louis thinks the top of my little china hutch is the best napping spot in the house, and every time he jumps up there, the glassware scoots a little sideways. Once a week or so I have to push everything back to the left. haha

  3. In all your spare time I think you can jazz up your rug with stencils :) I saw it done on a home show years ago and it looked very nice.

  4. I was going to say the same thing Leigh said. Stencils can tie the two together really well.