Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Foyer Progress

Antique bench, thrift store mirror
Remember how I said I was going to stick to one thing until I finished it?  And that one thing was the foyer, right?  Well....I sorta got distracted.  I know that comes as a shock to....ummm....no one.  Sunday was declared the Day of Sleep (because I worked 60 hours last week) and then Monday and Tuesday were taken up with shopping, visiting with my son and his wife, and planting a little garden in my back yard.  (Which I hope to have pictures of for the next post.) 

Anyway, the foyer's not finished, but I did make some progress.  It's neat and tidy now, for starters.  I hung up a mirror I bought at the thrift store (which may be temporary if I find something I like better), moved the bench from my mom's house to the foyer with my son's help, hung up the two bird prints, set a little half-round table in there that my mom and I found at an antique shop, and patched the holes and the center seam in the door. 

Taken from front porch
That poor door.  It must have been one of the last ones that Mare and I did, because towards the end we were running low on wood glue and so, even though I've patched the seam on the front of the door, if you stand on the other side you can still see light shining through it.  With the other doors, the seam's pretty well filled up with wood glue.  I'll have to be extra careful not to slam this door, remembering Mare's admonition that if I slam the doors, they just might crack in half again.  That would not be good.

The bench is one that my mom's had since I was little, and she bought it from an estate sale.  The story of the bench is that it came with a family who moved here from Kentucky in the mid to late 1800s.  There's storage under the seat, which comes in handy.  My mom replaced the cushion on it years ago, and it just so happens that the upholstery goes with my wallpaper pretty well.  The bench needs something else...maybe a couple of throw pillows.
Bird prints & little table.
(Taken from the parlor.)
The front door's open.
The little half-round table we found at the Brass Armadillo on Monday.  Originally I planned to paint it, because it looked pretty bad in the store.  But after I got it home and cleaned it up, I think I like the look of the dark wood legs against the cream baseboard.  My mom gave me the Depression glass dish that's on the table, and I need a little tray or something to go there, too.  Something that looks like it could be used to hold mail or keys, but not too big.

I haven't found an area rug I like yet.  With all that pattern in there, I'm thinking maybe a jute or seagrass rug would look nice.  Something that looks good and adds a little texture without adding any more busy-ness (is that a word??) to the room.  What do y'all think?


  1. I have foyer envy :-) Everything in there looks great.

    I'm not a rug maven, all of mine are ryas (the sedate ones, not the eyeball rattling ones), that I've wanted ever since I was a little girl. But what about a rag rug?

  2. Well, maybe not. Maybe it would be too informal.

  3. I'm with Karen Anne - foyer envy in a big way!!!

    That looks fabulous!

    Orlando, FL

  4. Looking good.

    Not to jinx the foyer or anything but as a cat person I trembled when I saw the table, the window, AND the vintage glass piece sitting on the table in front of the window.

    I know in my house that would spell disaster.

    BTW love the wallpaper.

  5. The foyer looks great, and the pieces you added are perfect.

    Have you thought about going to a carpet store and buying a remnant? I think most stores can stitch a binding on for you if you ask.

  6. I think I want to come visit just so I can covet, er, I mean see your foyer in person.

    I like the dark legs against the painted trim, too. I'm not sure about a rug but I'm sure you'll know it when you see it. You have a great eye for putting everything else together.

  7. ittybittybungalowJune 18, 2011 at 8:39 AM

    That looks great! The door knobs in your house are really sharp and I love how all of the things in the foyer have a great story about how you got them!

  8. I've got a half-round table just like that. My sister in Kansas City has the one that matches it. At least, she did last time I checked.

    (I wonder if she's been doing deals with the Brass Armadillo lately . . . )