Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Sometimes It's Nice

Sometimes it's nice to help out someone else with their house....but sometimes, it's even nicer not to help at all, and instead just stand back and watch the work that follows the debate.  And snap a photo, of course. 
This one was taken at my son's house the other morning while the menfolk installed a new front door for Dylan and Sarah.  The two men I love most in the world are in this photo:  that's my son, Dylan, fartherest (is that a word?) from the door and to his left, my boyfriend Allen.  The other two guys in the photo are Allen's brother Larry on the far right and their Uncle Clarence in the checked shirt. 

Four men.  One door.  No effort on my part.  Sometimes it's nice.


  1. Oh, that does sound nice! Sometimes I get antsy to help even if there's no need for me to help.

  2. I think that worked out rather nicely (and farthest is definitely a word)!