Tuesday, February 8, 2011

No New News

Nothin new here.  The scraping of painted-over wallpaper in the front parlor continues, now at a breakneck pace.  Really.  New Boyfriend's sister loaned me her steamer, so now I can continue using one while waiting for the other to warm up.  Awesome. 

No cool new photos to show you, either.  I mean, really, how many times can I post pics of bare plaster walls?  It'd be like the 1970s when your Aunt Mamie invited you over to her house to see slides of her trip to Wyoming...the same thing over and over and over....When I start putting up the new paper, or when White Trash Bob and I start putting up the picture rail, then I'll have some photos to post.  Happily, I'm slightly past the halfway point in terms of wall area, but not in time because the border takes forever to scrape off.  I think it must be attached with some sort of waterproof glue, and it's on top of the 1930s-or-so border, which is on top of the 1930s-or-so wallpaper, so I'm using a utility knife to score through all three layers of paper.  Given my history with ladders and utility knives, I'm amazed I haven't yet injured myself.  Although, now that I think about it, today's the one-year anniversary of my fall from the ladder in the dining room and the subsequent sticking of the utility knife in the floor....hope I didn't just jinx myself....


  1. aw. well it's good that you have two steamers now, not so great that you having to scrap the walls. you're halfway done, don't lose spirit.

  2. Keep you faith up and everything will turn out well soon.

  3. My daughter was 8 mos old when I moved into my house. The wallpaper & border I put up in her bedroom - "Classic Winnie the Pooh". She turns 14 next week & that damn paper is still up. It's become the "catch-all, keep the door closed" spare bedroom. I am in denial that it exists & that some day, the wallpaper & border HAS to be removed.

    I am in awe that you have been tugging away at all of yours for so long. I wish I had your motivation.

  4. Kate R, My motivation has been a recent development...I started tugging at the wallpaper nearly 3 years ago! :)