Friday, January 14, 2011

The Parlor Gives Me Fits, Part 2

"Please do not call me before 4 p.m. unless it's very important."  That's what I tell my family and friends.  That's what I wrote in the instruction box when I ordered the wallpaper for the front parlor.

See, I work nights and get home about 8 in the morning.  Then I go to sleep.  For the entire day.  Anyone who's worked night shift knows that sleeping in the daytime is not the same at all as sleeping at night.  We night shift workers have our own set of sleep-related problems.  There's even a medical condition named for us:  Shift Work Sleep Disorder.  Everyone I know who works night shift has SWSD to some extent, including me.

So a phone call at 11 a.m. had better be pretty darn important.  It was.  One of the papers I ordered for the front parlor has already been discontinued.

Instead of this:
I'm getting this:

I actually had a sample of this paper already, because its pattern almost exactly matches the ghost marks of the pattern that was originally on the walls of the foyer.  I very briefly considered this for the foyer, but a whole room of that little teeny pattern (the diamonds are about an inch high) sets my teeth on edge.  No offense to Mrs. Kelly and the papers of her day.  However, I can tolerate a two-foot high swath of it all the way around the top of the room in the front parlor.  I think.
It'll be separated from this:
by a piece of picture rail painted the same cream color (Valspar's Lyndhurst Estate Cream) as the trim in the foyer and the dining room.  When I get a roll of the trellis paper, I'll post a pic of the two papers together to give you a better idea of the scale--on these two pics, the scale of the trellis is too large and the scale of the floral is too small.  They really don't look quite that bad together.  I think.  Or maybe the whole thing will look absolutely hideous.  I can't decide.

The parlor is giving me fits, I tell you.  Already.

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  1. I can imagine your disappointment when you couldn't get your favorite wallpaper. However your second choice is just as nice.