Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Almost Done Foyer

I didn't finish wallpapering the foyer on my days off...but it's 3 a.m. Wednesday morning and my right knee is starting to sound like bubble wrap when I go up and down the ladder, which is a pretty good indicator that I need to stop now.  All of the trim is finally cream-colored and shiny instead of grayish-white and nicked, even the window trim that had about a dozen nail holes in it.

I'm almost done, though.  If I had just one more night off--or if I'd stayed home for a bit more of the nights off I just had--I'd be done already.  It's hard to tell from that photo how much I have left to do, so let me teach you a little firefighting lingo.  The front of a structure (house) is called the A side, the left (as you stand in front of the house, facing it) is the B side, the rear is the C side, and the right is the D side.  This photo shows the C/D corner of the foyer.  I'm about a third of the way along the D side.  So, all that's left is the rest of the D side (some of which is taken up by that window) and a little bit of the A side above the door.  See?  Almost done.

And by the way, the bird was evicted on Tuesday afternoon.  I put on a baseball cap and carried a broom, but the bird was out doing whatever birds do when I took the wreath off the front door.  Sorry, little bird, you'll have to find another warm place to sit for the rest of the winter.


  1. Very nice! I love your choice of paper, it makes your woodwork pop!

  2. I HAVE to come over just so I can see that wallpaper in person. LOVE IT!

    BTW, my Mother asked me to tell you that you really need to prepare a "pee before you read" notice on some of your posts. Holding the cat up to the window nearly did her in. ;-)

  3. Christine, Your MOM reads my blog?! Tell her I'm sorry for using bad language in the post about the bird. I want her to like me and all, just in case I meet your brother...

  4. LOL, apparently she does. No need to worry about the language, trust me. Her sense of humor is every bit as good as yours and mine.