Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Busy Little Foyer

Today was Foyer Day.  The baseboards got a new coat of paint.  (Actually, three coats, to cover up all the nicks and dings.  The foyer's had a hard life.)  The trim around the front door and around the door going into the front parlor got painted, too.  A broken piece of wood frame around a transom window got repaired and painted.  

And then...and then...

And then I hung up one strip of wallpaper.   Yes, I know, the pattern's a bit busy.  But there really isn't much wall space in here (a 6'x8' room with three doors and a window) and it's not a room where folks are going to hang out for long, so I think  it works.  Besides, the wallpaper's a nod to the original, which as far as I can tell from the ghost-marks on the plaster was a very small trellis pattern with bunches of flowers or something here and there.  I thought Mrs. Kelly might like it.  I'm all about making her happy so she doesn't start her knocking on the doors again.  


  1. I really like that wallpaper against the color of the wood. What pattern is it?

    Plus when I bigified the picture to see it better, I was overcome with doorknob envy :-)

  2. Yeah!!! I was hoping you would go with a rich dark color! It really makes a statement. I think the color and small print work well in this size of room. Love the contrast with the wood trim and wallpaper too. Will you be done before the New Year? He,He, ;D

  3. BTW, I ran across this site yesterday and thought about you.


  4. Karen Anne, it's a Waverly pattern called Nassau Trellis and the color is chocolate. I fell in love with it at first sight. It comes in other background colors too and companion papers.

    Milah, glad you like it too. If I didn't have this pesky thing called a job, the paper would be done by New Year's!

  5. Karen Anne, the front door and its doorknob are tops on my list of favorite things in this house. Did you see my post awhile back about the door? If not I'll post a link to it.

  6. You've been really busy with house stuff. You must be done with all your Christmas shopping and baking.

    I think the wallpaper choice is perfect. Makes the trim really pop.

    What about the scrapper option on a multi function tool to help remove the glue stuff on your floor? My multi function tool (oscillating saw) has a scrapper blade that vibrates back and forth to aid in scrapping.

    When I removed all the layers of flooring in my kitchen I was left with some sort of stuff on the floor. We tried everything and it was only when R spilled some hot water on the floor by accident, did we discover that it melted whatever was there. It was slow going but we did get a lot of it off the floor. By the horrendous stench we believe it was horse hide glue that was used to adhere the first layer of flooring.

    On a positive note though, the kitchen has less of a old house smell.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and Mrs. Kelly.

  7. I don't remember the post about the door...

  8. Oooooh, I LOVE it and it totally works in that small space. Love it, love it.

  9. Karen Anne, Here's the link to the post about the door:
    It has a much better picture of the doorknob and backplate, too. :)

  10. Milah, Thanks for the website--I want pretty much everything on it!! I already found some panels with butterflies on them...They'd look really nice in the entryway...