Thursday, November 11, 2010

One At A Time

I have decided to take an entirely new approach to the inside-the-Kelly-House projects.  Something novel.  Something unheard of.  Get this:  I am going to focus on one room at a time.  What?  That's what everyone does, you say?  Well, okay, maybe so.  But it's not what I do.  At least not so far.  What I do is work on one thing in one room until I get bored with it, which sometimes is an hour and sometimes is a week or so, and then I move on to something else in a totally different room.  Nothing gets truly finished and the whole house looks like a disaster zone. 

So, because I started wallpapering the dining room (again, after an 8-month hiatus) last week and got on a roll, I'm sticking with it.  Only four more big strips of wallpaper to go and then some piecing-in around the windows and the dratted wallpaper will be done.  Which is not to say the room will be done.  I still need to paint the trim around one window and half the baseboards.  The ugly chandelier in there has got to go.  Tuesday night I decided the room would be prettier if the china cabinet and the buffet swapped places.  The rest of the drapes and sheers are waiting to be hung, and the windows could really use some roller shades.  We'll pretend for now that the floor does not need to be refinished until I decide whether to give Joey my life savings or do it myself.  Then I can do some fun stuff like buying artwork and maybe making a plate wall.  And then, the dining room will be done. 

And then, and only then, after all of that is really and truly done, can I move on to the next room.  Like maybe one of the three rooms that need painted-over wallpaper removed and picture rail put up.  Sigh. 


  1. Almost everything in my house is "in progress."

    Well, the downstairs bathroom closet and the laundry closet are 100% done. If you don't count that the bathroom floor covering needs replacing.

    I'll give visitors credit, though, no one steps i the house and says "My God!"

  2. Okay, it's not as bad as it sounds. The kitchen is 90% done. The upstairs is almost ready for painting. It's just that the downstairs has plywood floors and rec room paneling still on the walls, and that dratted textured ceiling.

  3. What, you trying to make me look bad?

    My excuse for the general tearout is that I have no interior doors on the 1st floor and Iwant the redone woodwork to look the same throughout. And if there's going to be floor sanding dust drifting around, better to have it on the old wallpaper that's coming down.

    But, okay, your idea is good. If I have any sense I, too, will finish one room (both storeys of the stairhall) before I do anything new with another.

  4. Karen Anne, I have had visitors step in the house and say "My God!" lol I tell myself it's because they're overwhelmed by the potential of the place....

  5. Now don't go gettin' all crazy on us. We like the ADD thing you got goin' on down there.

  6. I work on a project until those particular muscles needed to do that project hurt, then I move on to another project.

    I would say that at any given time I have 4 different projects going outside at one time. The neighbors probably think I'm looney.

    My whole house is until construction because if I did one room at a time, I would never be able to control the dust and would end up redoing what has already been done. It works for us but maybe not for everyone else.