Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I Was The Grasshopper

I had four days off and the weather was bee-yoo-tee-ful.  Warm, not a cloud in the sky, more like May than November.  And I played.  I went out Saturday night and stayed out way past the time change, had plenty of girl talk with Heather and Janice, went ridin' on White Trash Bob's new Harley, ate supper with my bestie Sharon, saw a movie with Reed (yes, that Reed), made myself sesame noodles for supper three times, and ran around my neighborhood with Libbi-Dog.

In between all of that I did manage to set out eight bags of mulched leaves for the town's dump truck to pick up, and I stained an entire section of my picket fence.  Well, okay, that section's only three feet long, but still, it was one whole section.  And, as I type this, I have just five more strips of wallpaper to hang in the dining room.  Not the most productive four days I've ever had, but it sure was the most fun four days I've had in a while.

My pal Kevin thought it was foolish to fritter away four days like that.  "You'll be sorry when winter comes and all that stuff you have to do isn't done," he warned grumpily.

"I guess that makes you the ant and me the grasshopper," I replied with a wide grin. 


  1. It never fails that when I actually do have plans, they occur when there is weather where I COULD get something done on the house. You know what though? I changed my view on this by thinking thusly: If I died tomorrow, would it be better that I spent the last night doing something fun with people that I love ... or checking off another box on the TODO list?