Friday, October 8, 2010

Some Splainin'

So...I have some splainin' to do.  About where I've been and what I've been doing for the past couple of months instead of spending the summer working on my house and giving you, my lovely readers, updates on the misadventures around the place.

The short of it is:  I met a guy.

The long of it is:  I met a guy who so unexpectedly and thoroughly swept me off my feet that he caused me to abandon the love of my life (the Kelly House) for him, at least temporarily.  I met him one night at the local bar where one of my friends is the bartender and where the three seats at the short end of the bar are known as "The Office" and are always saved for me and my besties.  He was sitting in one of those seats, a tall rangy guy who looks a whole lot like Tommy Lee Jones, and I attempted to oust him.  He declined to move.  After a few minutes of tense negotiation, I surrended the far seat of The Office to him, a compromise never before made in the history of the bar.  We talked for the next four hours.  At closing time I shook his hand and gave him my number.  It's been a joyride ever since.  The Sgt. Major is retired military (Army), a Vietnam vet, and is smart and funny and unapologetically honest.  He is not, however, a handyman.  The overall plan for the Kelly House both amazes and mystifies him.  Therefore, work on it was temporarily suspended.

But now the Sgt. Major must depart (a week from today) for his winter home in Central America and I must get back to work on the house.  The paint's peeling from the east side of the house at an alarming rate and I have to put a stop to that.  Three windows still have white trim instead of black and cream.  I need to borrow White Trash Bob's sprayer and give the new fence a couple of coats of opaque stain.  And if I get all that done with time to spare, the carport needs to be scraped and painted.  Stay tuned.


  1. I'm sorry your summer romance has been put on hold... :(

    ....but looking forward to seeing you back in blogland!

    Now, CHOP-CHOP!

  2. LOL

    When I first read your post I thought it said 'Tommy Lee' and I just couldn't wrap my brain around Tommy Lee, Motley Crew, and the military. I was visualizing a tall skinny tattooed guy with multiple piercings then I reread your post and realized it was Men in Black Tommy Lee Jones and not Motley Crew Tommy Lee.

    Back to painting and scraping!!!!

    BTW...glad to hear you enjoyed your summer!!!

  3. Jan, you're not the first person to make that mistake. I work with my friend Tosha's husband Walt. I told Walt about the SGM and said, "Tell Tosh he looks like Tommy Lee Jones." Walt went home and told Tosha I was dating a guy who looks like the Motley Crue drummer. Tosh emailed me and said, "A guy old enough to have been in 'Nam is tattoed like that?!" LOL

  4. You get to have a real life, too. To do that, sometimes you need a break from the blogging. Oh how I know that.

  5. Well, congratufrickin’lations on squeezin’ in a summer romance! I guess it really does sneak up on you when you’re not looking for it, huh?

    It would just figure though that he's not of the Bob Vila variety ... :-)

  6. First post from a long time reader....just a quick 'thanks' for continuing the work on your blog....I enjoy reading it very much!