Friday, October 15, 2010

Good Neighbors

I steadfastly believe that I have the best neighbors in the whole wide world.  As proof of that, I share with you a conversation I had with my beloved neighbor Floyd:

Floyd:  Hey, did you know that your little dog can just about get out of your new fence?
Me:  Oh no!  Bob and I wondered about that when we put it up.
Floyd:  Right over there at the corner closest to my yard, the pickets must be a little farther apart there.
Me:  Did she get out? 
Floyd:  Everything but her hind legs.  I was walking around in my yard and she ran up to the fence to say hello, so I petted her and scratched her ears a little bit and then went on.  I turned back around and there she was, through the fence except for her hind legs.
Me:  Oh my gosh! 
Floyd:  Yep.  So I went over there and pushed her back through and then said, 'No-no, Libbi.  Stay in your yard.'  I don't think it had much effect.
Me:  Thanks for pushing her back through, Floyd--and for telling me.

I am still laughing at the mental image of Floyd, a very dapper World War II vet, pushing my crazy little dog through the fence into her own yard.  I will be stapling chicken wire to the bottom half of my fence on my next day off.

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