Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Minty Fresh

This used to be a brand-new pack of gum...

Until Libbi found it.

Oh well...at least her breath is minty fresh now.


  1. If it has xylitol in it, CALL A VET ASAP!

  2. Karen, I don't know if it has xylitol in it, but she must've eaten the gum hours before I found it because the package was dry. She seems to be just fine, 11+ hours after my discovery of the chewed-up package.

  3. Who knew. I just bought a (gross alert) nasal spray based on xylitol a few days ago. I have no pets at the moment, but this is going into the trash bin.

  4. I looked up the ingredients of Wrigley's 5 gum. No xylitol, but it does have aspartame, which I'm trying to eliminate completely from my diet.

  5. Aspartame, too, can be bad for dogs, especially small dogs in large doses. Ozzie ate some of my yogurt once years ago and he was fine.

    I love the Libster! She is something.