Monday, July 19, 2010


I am in love.
Not with a boy.
But with a kitchen cabinet.
This kitchen cabinet:
I spied it at an antique mall and it was love at first sight.
Mostly because of this:
(The decorations on the front of the cabinet,
not the cat on the top of it.)
And then I saw the price tag. 
It's such an incredible bargain that I must whisper it: 
 two hundred dollars.
I know, right?!
So I called White Trash Bob and said breathlessly,
And he said, "A really cool Hoosier?  For two hundred bucks?  I don't know about that." 
Clearly, the man was skeptical.
But then he saw it.
And then he said, "Holy crap!"
And, "Let's get this thing home before somebody realizes they priced it way too low!"
So we brought it home.
I'm putting stuff in it and trying to decide
what I should put where.
Louis thinks I should leave the top shelf for him.
Here he demonstrates how neatly he fits on the top shelf.

I remain unconvinced.
But I let Louis stay there while
 I pulled the countertop out all the way,
cut up five pounds of peaches,
stirred up some batter,
folded in some blueberries,
and made a peach-blueberry cobbler.
I love peaches,
and blueberries
nearly everything about summer,
and this cabinet.


  1. Nice find.

    Louis seems to think that if he doesn't look at you, you won't notice he's there.

  2. Wow. The cat was a sign of good karma :-)

  3. A perfect compliment to your kitchen!

  4. Oh.My.Gawd! I want! Many, many years ago I found a really good deal on a Hoosier & for what seems like really stupid reasons now, I passed it up. I have NEVER forgiven myself. It would have solved so many storage & counter issues in my kitchen. Please enjoy yours for the both of us & maybe I won't feel so bad about letting mine go.

  5. SCORE! Oh man, what a DEAL! You know there was a cabinet exactly like that (minus the nifty stencils) in the kitchen here before we bought the place and a matching table and chairs. I tried to get the PO to sell it to me but she wouldn't. :(

  6. You ladies with carpentry skills, how about building one yourself? It would not have the history, but otherwise...

  7. D*MN what an awesome find! And Bob? Yeah, you need to get the Vatican active on this one. This guy needs to be up for sainthood!

  8. what a treasure! i looked for a similar cabinet for years, and finally gave up after we moved...

    I have a red&white enamel table that'd look great with it...