Thursday, July 22, 2010

Fence Project, Day 9

WTB sorta promised not to work on the fence while I was sleeping...but he did not promise that he wouldn't mostly finish it after I went to work last night.  Therefore, WTB is still a man of his word.
Crappy pic taken with my phone.

That's what the fence looked like when I came home this morning.  Done except for cutting down the posts, making a gate and hanging it.  Oh, wait just a minute—I have a voicemail from WTB.  He wants me to get a screen door spring and two hooks at the Orange Store before I leave The City to come home tomorrow.  So he finished the gate tonight, too.  What a guy.  I should do something nice for him and Mrs. WTB.  You know, he mentioned a couple of days ago how much he likes Corky's BBQ in Memphis, Tennessee...and I happen to know that they'll ship their famous ribs and pulled pork anywhere in the U.S....I do believe the FedEx truck will be stopping at the Coal Miner's Despair (WTB's name for his house) some time in the very near future. 


  1. Oh that sounds good, and your fence looks great! It's a win-win for everyone!

  2. Oh, Libby will be thrilled, I'm sure. Has she peed on it yet? Er wait, I think that's only boy dogs.

    Great idea to thank WTB.

    P.S. Have I told you how envious I am of your manageable sized yard? Mine has spun so wildly out of control I can't even show pictures.

  3. What an accomplishment. Time to contemplate the before and after pics and pat yourselves on the back.

  4. The fence and back of your house look great.

    You sure are getting a lot done for a gal who said she was taking the summer off to kick back.

  5. "Coal Miner's Despair" - OMG - that made me LOL.

    Yeah, that WTB is a saint but that Mrs. WTB is a truly generous soul as well. Truly generous. I can't say that all is so done and complete at my house that I'd be loaning out the services of my mister to the local lady folk.