Sunday, July 11, 2010

Fence Project, Day 6

Warning:  This content of this post may cause drowsiness.

In other words, it ain't exciting...but it is progress.

WTB came over today and we yanked, dug and hacked the rest of the roots of the honeysuckle vines and mulberry bushes out of the yard and dragged them into one gigantic pile at the corner of the yard.  A pile which I cannot bear to show you, so I cropped it out of this photo.  We found that the edge of the patio goes all the way to the end of the house.

Then we shoveled and raked until the dirt was nice and level, because with all this rain the ditch where the fence used to be was in danger of becoming a moat.  Not the kind of water feature one would wish for in a cottage garden.
We discovered a sidewalk under all the mess on this side of the yard.  I thought I found an ancient monolith placed by the Druids, but WTB kindly explained that it was only the concrete footing for an old fence post.

And I constructed this by stacking up all the cinder blocks and bricks we found in the yard:
Beautiful, isn't it?  We call it Blockhenge.  I can see it soon becoming the subject of a Craigslist posting.

And tomorrow is another day...


  1. All that progress. And archaeological discoveries as well :-) Isn't it kind of exciting to find traces of what was there in the past?

    Did I saw WTB was a prince among men lately?

  2. Blockhenge ... LOVE it! And progress is progress, girl. You're getting there. I'm surprised you haven't unearthed anything more interesting in your excavating, considering the age of your property. (I felt totally gyped when, after digging out 10 fenceposts by hand, all I found was a MARBLE.)

  3. I agree with Karen Anne and NV. I don't think I've ever discovered anything other than an old battery buried on my property.

  4. Are you kidding? A moat would be awesome! I always wanted a moat. :)

  5. I am so disappointed! Why won't you let us see the pile ? I adore big messy piles! Of hacked-out vegetation, especially!

    And you cut it out of the photo.

    *Goes off and pouts*