Sunday, June 13, 2010

On the Brink

I am on the brink of three days off.  Half of one of those days (this one) will be spent sleeping.  I almost said "wasted" sleeping, but y'all know how much I love to sleep. 

After sleep, there will be food.

And after that, hockey with Cookie.  I watch; Cookie plays.  Today he's playing hockey only four days after a ceiling fell on him while he was fighting a house fire.  Cookie is tougher than his nickname might lead you to believe. 

Then more sleep.

And after that, in no particular order:  pulling weeds, goofing around with the fur babies, cutting carpet to a length that the evil trash company finds acceptable for pickup, playing with my new phone, re-mulching a flower bed after rain yesterday washed the mulch into a pile in the corner of the yard, having supper with the kids, and painting the last couple of windows on the house.

And sleep in between all that somewhere.

And drinking Woodchuck Granny Smith Draft Cider, which I highly recommend.  (I do not, however, recommend gulping it down like Gatorade and then noticing that the label says 5% alcohol.  Oops.)

I'll try to remember to tell y'all all about it.

1 comment:

  1. Sounds like a great long weekend! Mine shall be similar :~)