Saturday, June 19, 2010

It's Unanimous!

I'm so glad I let y'all make the decision on whether I should fix my fence now or later.  The nows have it, unanimously.  Secretly (okay, not so secretly) I was really hoping that's the way the voting would go.

Now I gotta get right out there, hack away the honeysuckle, tear out the fence, and put in a new one!  Before Tuesday, when I have to—gasp!—work an 8-hour day shift.  Okay, so maybe all that's not gonna happen this weekend.  In fact, maybe, just maybe, I ought to decide what kind of fence I want before I tear out the old one and put Liberty on house arrest.  That's where I need your help again. 

I'm trying to decide between this:
Vinyl fence panel, 4 ft. tall and 8 ft. long.  On the pro side:  I'd never have to paint it and I'll probably be prowling the house with Mrs. Kelly by the time it needs replacing.  Cons:  It's vinyl and I'm not sure I like its bright-shiny-blazing-whiteness.  If I go with this, part of the fence project costs will have to go on the credit card. 

Or there's this possibility:

It's cedar, 42" high by 8 ft. long.  Pros:  I like it.  Really like it.  It goes with the house better, I think.  This option is about half the cost of a vinyl fence.  No credit card needed.  Cons:  It probably won't last as long as a plastic fence, I'd probably have to paint it, and since I haven't seen it "in person" yet I'm not sure how sturdy it is.  

I think the PITA factor on installation of either kind of fence is probably pretty much the same, so that's a wash.  So....I ask my faithful readers again, what would you do?


  1. You get to see the cedar fence before you commit, yes?

    Blazing white plastic fences, gak :-)

    I don't think you have to paint the cedar. You can stain it, or let it weather to grey. I like staining better, imho. Plus with a stain, no peeling paint and when it needs restaining, just power wash and stain again.

  2. I have used the cedar fence and found it to be quite sturdy. I did not stain or paint it and it weathered nicely. Just depends on how "perfect" you want it to look. Nothing is "perfect" where I live so I just let it do its thing. I vote cedar!

  3. Cedar, definitely cedar. I've used the stains before and they are mucho better than paint. Or personally, I'd go natural and let it weather.

  4. Definitely cedar. I like the look of weathered cedar but I think staining would help it last longer & it is really easy to stain a fence.

    And on a side note - WTH are you ladies doing up so early on a Saturday morning?!?

  5. No to vinyl.

    I like the style/shape of the cedar fence. Plus, I think it is more in keeping with the style of your house.

    FYI my daughter in law stained their deck with a opaque stain and it looks great. No peeling. I know they mix stain colors so maybe you would be able to get your house color in a stain.

  6. What would you do without us, Jayne? ;D

    Here's my two cents, Red cedar is an excellant choice for decks and fencing. It's naturally resistant to decay and insects. It will look great and hold up well. Besides, credit card debt is never a good thing. So my vote is Cedar.

  7. Cedar. Stain.

    I think it's unanimous.

  8. You'd never have to paint vinyl, but in a couple of years when it starts to weather and look terrible, you either have to replace it or live with a crummy looking fence.

    When we moved into our house, one side of the yard was fenced with vinyl. We just replaced it with cedar and it's amazing how much better it looks. Honestly, I think vinyl fence is an abomination and looks cheesy no matter where it is.

  9. Oh good, I get to be the dissenter! :-)

    I initially wrung my hands over going with vinyl thinking it the spawn of Satan's workshop, but now, two years later ...

    after NOT having to paint, scrape, caulk, nail in loose birds, I now worship Satan's workshop and the vinyl that comes from it.

    Granted, some vinyl products DO look very cheesy (like the rails and newels for porches) and I've avoided those. But for a fence, I'd pick vinyl all over again.

    Fortunately, I didn't have a lot of fence to buy, hit a great sale, had a killer coupon and had cash I'd saved just for this project.

    Oh -- and the gothic style you like in the wood? It comes in vinyl, too. I ALMOST bought that instead of the privacy fence.

  10. OK. Major brain derail ... that should be loose BOARDS, not birds.

  11. We have small dogs and I needed to fence in a few sections. I used the 4 foot cheapo stockade and stained it. I do not recommend this. A lot of re-staining, But, I used the pound in the ground metal things that they sell for mailboxes and the fence has held up for 8 years, so far. I used them on my "temporary" fence on a different house for at least 5 years. They come in 2 lengths and I used the short(cheaper) ones. It costs more than concrete, but I HATE digging and cement!

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  13. we've just made the same decision--and we went with cedar....

    certainly price was part of the reason, but not all of it...we drove around the neighborhood, and decided that it was more in keeping with the type of house we had, and the vinyl fence would look out of place next to the wooden fence next door.

    i had originally been against wood, mostly because our former neighbor had a wood (not cedar) fence that was not properly installed, and it looked awful. The more I looked around, the more I liked the cedar fence option.

  14. I'd go with the cedar, if it was my choice. I guess I see something more charming about natural materials, especially in a garden setting with plants. It's the more eco-friendly (as well as wallet-friendly) option.

    That and I hate the shiny plastic-y-ness of vinyl on almost any surface. Windows, siding, fencing, etc.

    Either way you'll keep your critters wrangled in, which is the most important part!