Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Fence Project, Day 4

The deforestation continues...

Photo taken from my back yard, looking north.  

And now, by my estimate, 49% of the fence is gone.  One-third yesterday, half of one-third today...about 49%, right?  (I'm not so good at math.)  Anyway, I was working alone today (Tuesday) because WTB had to go to his real job all day, so I'm pretty happy with my progress.  Monday night I had whined to Bob about my solo fence-cutting abilities.  "I'm not as good with using the Sawz-All as you are," I whined.  "You just have to get mad at that fence," he told me.  "I am mad at it," I whined, "but I still can't cut it down as fast as you can."  He grinned.  "Then you're just not mad enough.  Get really mad at it."
View from the alley of the same thing.

Compare this photo to the one in this post.  When I got to that big mulberry tree in the middle of the fence and it didn't seem to want to budge, I remembered WTB's coaching and I got really mad.  I kicked the tree and yelled at it.  "Dad-gummit, you stupid noodlehead tree, fall down already!!" I yelled.  Yep, that's exactly what I said...well, maybe not so much.  Maybe I used really bad swears.  But the stupid noodlehead tree now resides at the city dump. 

And I'm done with deforestation until Saturday at least...or maybe even Monday...


  1. Wow! What a difference that made, and the mulberry tree is gone! Whoo-hoo!

  2. LOL, deforestation. :)

    You need to show us that red house in the background someday.

  3. OMG! You SO sound like me and the sidewalk a couple years back. I think I invented new forms of swearing on that job. :-)

    Looking good! Hang in there and you'll get 'er done. Just don't OVER do ...

  4. Sawz-all?!?!? Thats how its spelled and pronounced?? I went to EMT school at Fort Osage with some down home folk. They were from Levasy, Holden, Buckner, etc. I lived in Blue Springs and didnt even have a clue what organo-phosphate was when they mentioned it. Im sure I spelled that one wrong too. So when they started talking about this magical tool fire fighters used I was perplexed. And up until this post I thought it was called a saa-zaa! Not that it saws all! Thats what I get for not living in the country or working for a fire dept! Wow, I probably looked really dumb.