Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I Will Sit

The yellow part of the house is done.  Finally.

I still need to paint the windows and trim on the back of the house, straighten up the patio, and rehang the yard light that's dangling there to the right of the little window.  (Although having it hanging down loose does make it easier to find the kitties at night because I can pick it up and use it as a spotlight.)  Then I'll carefully check the rest of the house for places I missed painting last summer.  Two windows on the east side are still not painted and I think I missed the corner of the side porch trim.  I have no explanation for how I didn't notice that two great big windows are still white instead of black and cream.  It baffles me. 

And after that?  After that I will sit in one of those blue chairs, possibly drinking a tall G&T, but most definitely with my back to those mismatched clapboards where the door used to be.  That bugs me.  It really does.  It bugs me almost as much as the door not lining up with the sidewalk.  I have neither the money nor the desire to do all the other stuff that has to be done before I can move the door to its proper place, so for now it will stay.  And I will sit.


  1. I'm guessing after a bottle of wine, I wouldn't even notice the door not lining up...I'm just sayin'.

  2. You could always paint a faux door where the door belongs - could get interesting after that tall G&T.

    We all know the door will get moved and for now it looks so much better than the shingles. You've done good. Big cyber pat on the back headed your way!

    It looks fabulous.

  3. You've done SO much work. Definitely sit back and enjoy it!

  4. It looks so much better, but I understand how those little things irritate you....I'm the same way with my house. I suppose you could hang a big trellis or lattice fencing over it with a planter underneath...train up some morning glories or something. Or do what Christine says. ;D

  5. The trellis sounds gooooood! :D

    Or if you were really into doing it perfectly you could get a handful of salvaged clapboards, take down the mismatching ones and make them match. Then paint and caulk the seams with half a ton of that removable caulk they sell for temporary weatherstripping.

    Or just slap 3 pieces of trim over the seam to create the impression that they just filled in the door frame with siding. Maybe even fake hinges :D