Friday, April 30, 2010

Still Here

I'm still here...but I haven't gotten anything else done this week, so there's nothing much to tell you about.  Oh, in case you were wondering, ripping the shingles off the house is a whole lot more fun than picking them up and trying to stuff them into trash bags.  In my next life I will own a trash company and rent dumpsters to myself for free.  (In this life, a small dumpster would cost me a hundred bucks to rent.)  Wait, what am I saying??  In my next life I won't own a house that needs a billion cedar shingles torn off it, so I won't need a dumpster!  I should learn to dream big.

Anyway, I finally picked up all the shingles.  Seven trash bags full of them.  I bet the trash man dreads turning into my alley.  I can just imagine the two trash guys chatting as they turn the corner:

"Wonder what the crazy lady in the yellow house has for us today?  More carpet that's 3'11" wide?"  (Because they won't pick it up if it's wider than 4 feet.)  "A stack of rusty tomato cages?  Bags of wallpaper?"

And then as they pull up behind my house:

"Oh, look!  Shingles!  Haven't had bags and bags of those for awhile."

The trash guys should be grateful.  They'd have at least a couple more bags of shingles to pick up if I hadn't sorted out all the little pieces of shingles and thrown them in a metal trashcan in the corner of my yard.  See, those shingles make really good kindling in my fire bowl.  There's something very satisfying (and maybe just a wee bit vengeful) about watching those damn shingles burn up as I'm kicked back in a chair drinking a cold beer.  Which I plan to do a lot more of as soon as I finish the back wall of the house.


  1. HA! You should put a note on the bags of shingles saying "TA-DA! Shingles Done!" And I'd be willing to bet they've seen things stranger than your trash.

    You definitely deserve to kick back with a beer, or 2 or 3 or hell, just go with a 6-pack

  2. lol we have the same problem! we're now using biodegradeable plastic bags too cause its just too much garbage!

  3. Jayne, I believe they prefer to be called, Sanitational Engineers. LOL! I'm just say'in...

  4. LOL, I can imagine the grin on your face while you watch them burn.

  5. Laughing because I was just thinking yesterday (as I carted Bag 1 of two bags to the alley)"We've been MUCH too easy on the trash guys lately. They probably figured we moved!"