Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Meh...I Planted Flowers

I woke up Tuesday at the crack of noon and walked outside to survey the back wall of the house.  Part shingled, part not.  The part with shingles is much larger than the part without.  As I was walking over to get my wrecker bar, a thought occurred to me which I've rarely had in regard to the exterior of my house.  I thought, Meh....I'll do that later.  There's always plenty of meh to go around when it comes to the interior of the house and things like dusting and vacuuming.  (And lately, wallpapering.)  The outside of the house, not so much meh, probably because everyone can see that.  But somewhere between the stoop and the corner of the yard where the tools are, every bit of motivation to rip shingles off the house just drained right out of me.  I was still sitting on the back patio in one of my cute blue chairs an hour later when my mom called me.  "Let's go down to Hilltop [a local greenhouse] and get my tomatoes," she said.  Excellent idea.

She bought tomatoes.  I bought pretty things.

Some I planted in the big container on the west side of my house:

In the middle is a Red Star cordyline, around it are Bada Boom Rose wax begonias, and trailing down is Snow Princess sweet alyssum.  This container's in the middle of what will eventually be a big bed of hosta, columbine and ferns.  Eventually.  Right now it's kind of a mess.

Others I planted in the short containers on my front porch steps:
In front are Cappucino petunias and in back is a Kingwood Torch coleus.  I've never seen that color of petunia before and I just had to have 'em.  The photo doesn't really do them justice. 

And I filled up the tall skinny containers on the front porch, too:
This combination is an old standby, but I love it anyway.  In the back is an Inky Fingers coleus and in the front is a Margarita sweet potato vine. 

And that, my friends, is the sum total of my accomplishments for Tuesday.  Meh, those shingles will still be there next week.  I planted flowers instead.


  1. YAY!! Now THAT is what I call a relaxing day! I love all your flowers but now thanks to you, I'm going to be possessed until I can find some of those Cappucino petunias!

  2. Good for you! There's hope yet.

    I love the petunias. The color is gorgeous.

  3. I think gardening is good therapy for remodelaholics. Plus you got to spend some quality time with your mom!

    I have never seen petunias that color, they are pretty. I will check out our greenhouses and see if we have them here.