Monday, March 22, 2010

Hello, Stranger

Today I finally got back to working on the dining room.  I haven't worked on it since the night I fell off the ladder, which was February 8th.  That's a long time to neglect my poor dining room, which is already my favorite room in the house.  My goal for today and tomorrow is to finish the wall with bay (or bow, which is it?) windows.
(Note the Little Giant ladder in its 90-degree configuration.) Today I washed down the trim around all three windows, patched a dozen or so nail holes in the bullseyes, washed down the baseboard, sanded the shine off the trim and baseboards, painted the trim on two of the three windows, painted two sections of baseboard, and hung some wallpaper.  Whew!  It took much longer than I thought it would, but one section of the wall is finished.
I'm thinking I won't get the rest of the wall done tomorrow...these things always take longer than I think they will.  And besides, my mom and I usually go antiquing on Tuesday afternoons.  I have to have my priorities, you know.   


  1. It's looking great! I love to paint, but absolutely hate all the prep. Want to come do mine? You know, in your spare time. HA!

    And I see you have at least 2 quality control specialists checking out your work. Any tails or whiskers get paint on them yet?

  2. That wall will look awesome when you are done. ;D

  3. Kate, That's Louis and Libbi! Louis always gets paint on him at least once while I'm doing something. He's very needy and wants me to carry him around while I'm painting. Doesn't work so well. Maybe I could get one of those baby-snuggly things & strap him in?

    Milah & Jan, Thanks!