Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Fifty Years From Now...

I did something today which will make me a Stupid Previous Owner.  Yes, I, after all the complaining about the many SPOs of the Kelly House, have done something stupid. 

First, a photo of today's measly progress:

And now—the evidence of my impending SPO status:
Please note that there is no wallpaper behind the curtains.  Gasp!  Horrors!  I know, I know, it's lazy.  It's kinda stupid.  But ask me if I care and I will tell you, "Nope".  Ask me if it's gonna bother me in the least to know that there's no wallpaper behind the curtains and I will tell you, "Not a bit".  I thought it would bother me, I really did.  After all, I've never cut corners on anything I've done in or to this house before.  But today, something came over me.  My don't-give-a-sh*t level was running extraordinarily high.  And so it will stay that way and no one will know it but me.  Well, me and anyone who reads this.  Until...

Until someday fifty years or so from now, when someone else will come along and decide they don't like the dining room drapes...and when they pull them down, Wabam!  They'll discover that I didn't wallpaper all of the walls.  And they'll say, "It was that crazy little old lady with all the cats who did this, I just know it!"  That makes me laugh.  Just the thought of it.  Hoo, boy!


  1. You really think you're going to keep the same curtains for 50 years?

  2. LOL, that almost sounds like revenge.

  3. Hmmm. I don't think you get a pass on this one :-) Take a rest and then start wallpapering again :-)

    You won't have those curtains forever, and the wallpaper won't be available then. If nothing else, stockpile it.

  4. I also think you need to paper behind the curtains. Just imagine it's a nice summer day, you've got the windows open, there's a nice breeze blowing in, the curtains are gently moving, when....ACK! bare wall. Plus you may want to change the window coverings someday and may need that area to be papered.

  5. As most of us are DIY'ers, we do cut corners now and again so long as it doesn't harm anyone or break any laws. I always felt that I could hold off on painting a certain piece of trim, cleaning up a small pile of debris, etc...but I do have to agree with the others on wallpaper. It's one thing to not wallpaper a closet; but behind curtains is another matter. You might love those curtains now; but just think what would happen if your taste change or if something were to happen to them and you needed to change them.

    You don't have to finish wallpapering in their area...right now; but you should make sure you have enough to do it eventually.

  6. hahaha.. I see nothing wrong with this ... I once was painting our study and didn't want to repaint the wall behind some big bookcases ...figured the NEXT owners could worry about that.
    Husband over-ruled me, but I made him paint that wall. And move the bookshelves.

    What you can't see, doesn't exist. It's my credo, and I don't think I could live in an old house without using that philosophy.

    The next owners will want new wallpaper anyway!


  7. I'm like Old House Lover...you might regret not papering there someday. And......
    I hope in few years you aren't blogging about how your grand child was hiding behind those curtains during a nice dinner party when suddenly they pulled a curtain down and revealed to your guests your walls were never finished. Eww...that would be embarassing. ;D

  8. Poor Jayne, we're slave drivers :-)

    I am feeling a little better about not always painting my closets, tho.

  9. By the way, bangorfoursquare burned out on her bathroom renovation for awhile. It must be something in the air :-)

  10. The dining room looks great. My husband promised to clean out a GROSS dusty mess of old tile and broken lawn chairs we found in a corner in The Green House. Of course the mess never was cleaned, then the gross corner was drywalled over.... It will be a real find if in another hundred years they open it up again. But I'm not sure I can live with it.