Thursday, March 11, 2010

The End of Days

Very strange things have been happening at my house.  And I'm not the only one who thinks so...

Marie:  Louis, why are you gathering your toys together?

Louis:  Because you were snuggling with the dog yesterday and today Christopher whacked her in the head.  You're being nice and he's being mean.  I think the end of the world is near.  I'm piling up all my toys in one place so that when we get called away suddenly, I know where to find 'em.

Marie:  I'm not being nice.  I'm simply following the advice of my hero, Richard Nixon, to keep your friends close and your enemies closer.  Or was that Machiavelli?  Either way, it's brilliant advice.  Or perhaps I've decided to simply accept the inevitable.  Liberty, like her or not, is here to stay.

Louis:  You have weird heroes.  My hero is Winnie the Pooh.  And I've always liked Libbi.  I'm glad you're making friends with her.

Marie:  That you idolize Winnie the Pooh does not surprise me in the least.  Your use of the word "friends" is a bit of an overstatement.  Ah, Christopher, you look a bit dejected.  Could it be, perhaps, that you are in trouble?

Christopher:  Oh shut up, Marie. You know I am in big trouble.  First I whacked Libbi in the head and made her bleed, and Momma yelled at me for that, and then there was that, um, problem with that new plant Momma bought. 

Louis:  Problem with the plant?  What problem?

Christopher:  You know that big palm plant Momma bought for the front parlor?  I knocked it over again...and then I, um, sorta peed in the dirt that spilled out onto the floor.  Momma freaked out and yelled, "It is staying here!  Leave it alone!"  I don't know if she meant the plant or the dog.

Louis:  Oh, that is so not cool.

Liberty:  Hey, Louis.  Hey, Marie.  Christopher, don't even think about touching me.

Christopher:  I hate you, Libbi.  I wish you never came to live here.

Marie:  Such harsh words!

Louis:  See?!  Nice Marie.  Mean Christopher.  It's the end of days, I'm telling you.  Now where are my furry mice?


  1. Ha! ha! There is a book in you! I swear there is a whole book of this waiting to be scribbled!

  2. But why would you bring a litter box into the house if you didn't want them to use it? ROTFL.

    Funniest part is you just know this is the kind of conversation that is going on.

  3. Jayne you crack me up! I mean, your animals crack me up!

  4. HOW did I miss this post?! Too freakin' funny!

    And, I have to hand it to you for managing FOUR of them. We have quite enough trouble with HALF that many, thank you very much.