Sunday, March 28, 2010

Door Day Tomorrow!

Tomorrow Mare will be here for Door Day again!  We'll hang the door we glued together a couple of weeks ago, glue together the last two doors, and put in the mortises.  Then we'll see how many doorknobs and backplates we still need after sifting through his box of door hardware and mine.  We came up short one hinge after I boiled the paint off the last few hinges and one fell apart.  Apparently the paint was the only thing holding it together.  It was broken at the corner, across one of the screw holes, and after looking at it a welder friend of mine didn't think it could be repaired.  So, I broke down and bought one from Rejuvenation.  It almost exactly matches the original hinges.  Thank goodness I need only one—those things would get really pricey if I needed enough for all the doors!

In the meantime, I'm pulling staples out of the floor in the entryway and taking up tack strip.  Doors are a lot more fun.  And earlier today, before I knew Mare was coming, I cleaned up the house.  Now I'll have sawdust, paint flakes and putty chips all over the floors again.  Sigh...

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  1. Hey, at least you're making progress. That's fabulous!