Wednesday, March 31, 2010


I was over at my mom's house when I saw it in the corner of her sewing room. 

"Mom," I said, "is that a steamer over there in the corner?"

"Yes, it is.  You should use it on your new dining room curtains.  It'd steam out those wrinkles in no time."

I felt my face light up.  "Can I borrow it?"

She looked at me a little bit suspiciously.  "Of course..." she said, letting her voice trail off a little at the end.  She knew something was up. 

I loaded up the steamer in the back of my Soul, drove home as fast as I could, and got right to work.

A couple of hours later my mom called me.  "Is whatever you're really using my steamer for gonna ruin it?"  This asked by the woman who gave me a CrockPot in which to boil hinges and loaned me a nut picker set with which to get melted paint out of nooks and crannies.  (She took the nut picker set back when she found out what I was using it for, though.  Apparently she and my dad got it as a wedding gift almost 56 years ago.)

"Heck, no," I said, not volunteering anything else.  She was on to me, though.  I knew it.

"What are you using it for?" she asked.  Caught.

"I'm steamin' wallpaper off the front parlor walls, " I told her truthfully.

She sighed.  "Bring it back when you're done with it," she said just before she hung up.

Thanks for the idea, Karen Anne.  It works great.


  1. LOL Aren't mom's smart? :) You can't help it if you're resourceful, right? Sounds like its doing the trick with your wallpaper---have fun!!

  2. If your mom takes back the steamer, I've heard boiling maple sap in your house attempting to make maple syrup is a pretty sure way to remove wallpaper...(tis the season, and we hear of one Northeast novice doing it every year...hee-hee)