Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Olives and Eggs

So I went to Wally at midnight (like I always do the Monday after payday) to buy groceries.  Whoever said you shouldn't buy groceries when you're hungry was right.  Walking down the canned veggie aisle, I saw a jar of green olives and was seized with a sudden craving.  By the time I carried in six bags of groceries (one-handed) I was really, really hungry for those olives. 

Did you know it's impossible to open a short, fat jar of olives while wearing a wrist brace?  I know.  I tried.  Three times.  And did you also know that the number of people who are willing to come over at 2 a.m. and open a jar of olives is, shockingly, zero?

So then I gave up and made poached eggs instead.

At least I can still crack eggs.  

This is what it's come to...blogging about olives and eggs.
Wish good news for me at the doctor's office later today.


  1. Wishing you very good news ... and advising you to buy one of those Pampered Chef opener thingies. They unscrew bottle tops, have a little nook to lift lids to make them easier to open and has a pocket slide niche to go over can pop-tops to help get those up and in reach.

    I've not done battle with a jar since buying one some years back.

  2. LOL, you crack me up. I'm surprised you didn't break open the jar.

  3. This is bringing back fond memories of when I broke my foot. As an exercise for the reader, try getting into and out of a bathtub using only one foot.

    That's when I realized that if I ever built a house from scratch (too old for doing that), I'd make it handicapped accessible. Esp. in view of we're all headed towards decrepitude as we get older.

  4. NV--I'll have to check that out, thanks!

    Christine--I seriously considered it.

    Karen Anne--I think my wrist is definitely easier to handle than a broken foot would be!

  5. I love olives. Especially the olives they call drunken bullets. They are olives stuffed with a piece of garlic and jalapeno pepper and then stored in vermouth. sounds gross but they are really good. Add a little Stoly and you have one darn good vodka tini.

    Sounds like you are getting around pretty good except for that dang jar of olives.

  6. Jan--Drunken bullets?! I'll have to try those!