Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I Am Lucky

Well...it's one more week in the wrist brace for me.  The doctor says I still have too much swelling and tenderness in the tendons to go without it.  I expected this diagnosis, but that doesn't mean I like it.  I had to smile, though, when the doctor said it's better to wear it longer than take it off too early and have a setback.  Hmmm...seems I've heard that someplace before...like maybe in the comments here.

One of the reasons I like my doctor so much is because she puts things in perspective for me.  As she looked at the giant bruise on my leg, she said. "You know, you really are lucky.  I know this thing on your leg doesn't make you feel lucky, but if it wasn't there then your wrist and arm would've taken the brunt of the fall and you'd have some broken bones.  At least you fell where you have some padding."  She gave me some anti-inflammatory medicine, which I didn't have before, to take down the swelling in that bruise and in my wrist and hopefully speed up the healing.

I could paint baseboards tonight in the dining room and the second parlor.  But instead, I think I'll sit my lucky butt on the couch with the kitties and watch the Olympics. 


  1. The size of the bruise makes me think that your thigh bone is very lucky to be in one piece, too.

    Looking at the photo made my leg and hip hurt.

    Don't forget to eat when you take those anti inflammatory pills. They can really mess up your stomach if you take them on an empty stomach.

  2. SO glad you're following orders, er, advice. :-)

    Echoing Jan on the eat as you medicate plan. The anti-inflams should help you lots, considering what your injuries are.