Monday, January 4, 2010

The Closed-Door Policy

The closed-door policy seems to be working.  Without access to the dining room, the kitties can't sink their evil little claws into the new wallpaper.  I put up a few more strips of it:

Look at that ornery Louis scrambling up the ladder!  I snatched him down from there and tossed put him back in the kitchen before he could do any damage.  Also, look at that ugly chandelier.  I detest that thing.  At first I thought maybe if I paint it and get it new shades (which is what I did with the chandelier in the front parlor) it'd look a lot better.  Now I think it's beyond hope.  And, if you would, please ignore that mess on the dining room table. 

I also hung up a panel of the new drapes I just bought so that the kitties would have something else to tear up—I mean, so I could see if I liked the drapes with the wallpaper. 

The drapes really aren't as shiny as they look in this photo.  The flash on my camera makes them look like wrapping paper.  They're fake raw silk so they do have a little sheen to them, but not that much.  Those sheers will be replaced with ones in a more creamy color.

I'm hoping to get a bunch more done on the dining room before I go back to work Wednesday night.  It's too darn cold and slick to go outside, so I might as well get something done while I'm hunkered down inside the house.


  1. Oh Jayne, that looks awesome! I'm going to try to send you a picture of my son's dining room light. I think that would look wonderful in your dining room.

    I love what you've done so far, please post again before wednesday so we can the progress.

  2. What a huge difference that paper makes. Everything blends so well. You're doing a great job! I had to enlarge the picture a really LOOK for the switchplate.

  3. The wallpaper looks amazing! And, the catwork is astounding. Is this a youngster? I had no idea a cat would do that-- ours just sleep or stalk fat chickens.

  4. Love, love, love, love, LOVE the way that looks. Fabulous, just fabulous. Oh, and did I mention that I like it?

  5. HEY, lookin' rockin' good! I think the drapes and new sheers will work beautifully, too!

  6. The wallpaper & drapes look fabulous together. Hopefully once you are done and the closed-door policy is relaxed the cats won't think the wallpaper needs any additional modifications.

    I think I see a pineapple pattern crochet tablecloth on your table - you lucky thing! I keep seeing the patterns for them in an old book I got from my grandmother and want to make one - but I suspect I would never finish it - too many partially finished projects in the works already.

    Keep up the good work - everything you've done looks wonderful - you should be very proud.

    Orlando, FL

  7. Looks SO nice! Absolutely loved the kitteh climbing the ladder to help you hang paper!

  8. I really love that wallpaper pattern. The colors are subtle and not too fussy.

    I'm sure Louis means well. He just needs a little direction.

  9. Blue Shoe Farm, Louis is almost 2 and he's into everything! One of my cop friends rescued him from a very busy intersection--best thing that ever happened to us!

    Anonymous, my mom made that tablecloth. Wait'll you see the rooster panel she crocheted for me!

    Why S?, I just bought him some new furry mice and another scratchy box. That should keep him occupied. :)

  10. He looks like he climb up the ladder to inspect your work.

    Hopefully the cats will leave the wallpaper alone once the wallpaper paste loses it's 'new' and 'interesting' smell.

    Everything looks great.