Monday, December 28, 2009

Well Now...

I braved the cold and snow to go outside and measure over from the current back door to the edge of the old door opening.  Forty-one inches.  Then I came back inside, stomped the snow off my boots, and measured the inside wall.  Then I called Mare.

Me:  Hey, we're not gonna be able to move that back door to where it originally was after all.
Mare:  Why not?  It wouldn't be that hard.  You've got the doors, I've got a saw.
Me:  Yeah, but where the door originally was is now my bathroom.  The door opening would be directly across from the shower.
Mare:  Well now...that'd be an interesting feature, wouldn't it?


  1. YIKES! Probably NOT an ideal solution. and maybe why it was taken out to begin with ...

  2. I love Mare's sense of humor. And actually, that set up would be great - if you happened to have a pool in your backyard ;)

    I love the new look of the blog!

  3. Ha! Ha! I can't help but laugh, I actually knew a man who remodeled an old farmhouse...he put the bathroom directly across from the front door. I can still hear his wife telling me how she learned the hard way to close the door when she was indisposed. ;D