Monday, December 28, 2009

Now I Get It

Remember when I found this, the chopped-out stuff to the left of the back door?

And remember when I found this mess, which caused me to quit working on the back of the house?

And remember how I was all frustrated and mad and couldn't figure out why someone would do something like that? 

Well, last week when Mare was here he walked onto the back porch (which is what we still call it, though it hasn't really been a porch for 60 years) and said, "I see you got a lot more shingles off the house than the last time I was here.  Looks like your back door used to be a window, and the back door used to be further over to the left.  It wouldn't be a whole lot of trouble to take that door out and put it in the old door opening, and then buy a window from salvage to put over there where the window used to be.  Then your back door would be lined up with the sidewalk again."

Oh.  The door used to be a window.  Now I get it.


  1. I love how old houses talk. That makes sense, my only question is from the inside will that mess up the flow of that room? If not, I'd go for it!

  2. I had a similar situation as I was removing aluminum siding from the back of my house. I noticed when I was standing on the "back porch" (which is now enclosed and part of the kitchen) and removing the siding on the 2nd floor above it, that there was a straight line in my original clapboard siding. I stood back and realized there used to be a door there (where a window is now), which means what I was standing on used to be a balcony off the bathroom! Then further over I noticed the outline of where a window used to be and they had filled in the clapboard siding but didn't stagger the edges. So now I want my back balcony back. I'm gonna put a door back where it used to be and get rid of the stupid window.

  3. :) That Mare. Sure is a useful fellow isn't he?

  4. :-)

    Like Milah, I'm wondering what this does to the inside of the house?

  5. On the inside of that wall empty wall. We'll have to measure to be sure, but I think we can put the door back where it used to be.

  6. Wow! cool. And now, a new project for the coming year ... :-)