Tuesday, December 8, 2009

In The Meantime

So I did it.  I took a deep breath and clicked the button and bought—gulp—26 rolls of wallpaper.  I've never bought that much wallpaper in my life...every wallpaper order I've ever placed, combined, does not equal 26 rolls of wallpaper.  But then, I've never papered a 15' by 15' room with a bay and 11' ceilings before.  Buying that much of anything makes me nervous.  Hang on, I have to go take a Tagamet and wash it down with a nice crisp white wine....

Okay, I feel better. 

The wallpaper will take a little while to get here, since I chose free ground shipping instead of three-day shipping for $127.  (Made the right decision there, huh?)  In the meantime, I decided to eradicate the pee-pee carpet in the second parlor.  So far I've stripped a five-foot-wide swath of the junk off the floor, ripped up the pad underneath, torn up the glued-down carpet under that, and scraped the carpet backing off the floor.  I am very sorry to say that the floor in the second parlor looks black and icky like the floors in the rest of the house.  This is the last room in the house that still has carpet, so the end is in sight.  Only two more five-foot-wide swaths to tear up.  (Every room in my house is about 15' x 15'.  Those Victorians and their love of symmetry.)  To motivate me to keep ripping away at the carpet, I bought paint for the second parlor.  It's Valspar's Praline Cake, and if you've ever eaten a praline (the candy, I didn't even know it could be cake) it's exactly that color.  My idea is to make the second parlor sort of manly.  I have photos of my Uncle Walter from World War I and my dad from World War II, a shadow box of the ribbons and insignia from my dad's Army uniform, and a couple of reproduction maps and posters that I think will all go together nicely.  I also have a little desk and some bookshelves to put in there.  Now all I need are a couple of big, overstuffed chairs, like the ones they have at Barnes & Noble, and a chunky table to go between 'em.  Better hit the Salvation Army for those.  Someday.  In the meantime, I'll be right here ripping up carpet and painting and waiting on the gigantic wallpaper order to get here.


  1. Yowza that's a lot of wallpaper! Please tell me you're going to have a someone come help you hang it? Even if all they do is hand you stuff it makes it easier and safer.

  2. My walls are all textured so I don't have to make those wall paper decisions.

    Good luck hanging all that paper. Makes my arms, shoulders, and neck hurt just thinking about it.

    Removing carpet is a yucky job but I find it to be instant gratification.

  3. WOW! Skip the wine & break out the heavy booze for that. If I knew you had 11' ceilings, I'd forgotten. I am extremely impressed with your moxie for taking on this job.

    I really like your plans for the second parlor. And I'm sure you'll be oh so glad to be rid of the last of the pee-pee carpet!

  4. I had to look this up, and too bad blogger doesn't allow images in comments:

    Praline bundt cake

    I think you should have some of this while you're wallpapering :-)

  5. I don't blame you for having a little anxiety.....I know I would!

    Your second parlor sounds great. I was in Indianapolis today and was tempted to stop at Barnes & Noble to see what their chairs look like....but I didn't. Maybe next time I'll check them out.

    Sounds like you have your work cut out for you this winter. I hope you have some help lined up.

  6. YOU GO GIRL! I'll be thinking of you this weekend when I hopefully get house projects back on track. (And feeling better about my TWO double rolls of wallpaper for my tiny bath vs. your 26!)

  7. Karen Anne, I am soooo making that praline bundt cake! Yum!!