Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Hinge Boiler

"Darnit!" my mom said, jerking her hand away suddenly from the Crock Pot she'd been spooning meatballs out of. "That does it--I'm sellin this thing on a yard sale!"

"What thing?" I asked. "You mean the Crock Pot?" Now, y'all know what I was thinkin....

"Yes! It's got that stupid metal rim at the top of it and I burn myself on it every time."

"You really don't want it anymore? Seriously?" The wheels were turnin in my little head but I had to be sure it really was destined for the yard sale before I appropriated it. My mom ranted about how it was pretty but not worth a darn because it got too hot. Yep, yard sale bound.

"But what do you want it for?" she asked. "You already have a nice Crock Pot."

"Well actually..." I grinned. "If you wanna know the truth I was gonna use it to boil the paint off them steeple hinges on my doors."

She laughed. "Oh Lordy! Well take it then."

I already have one half-door out on the dining room floor with stripper on the hinges so I can get em off the door.


  1. LOL! You must be living right!

    Speaking of crock pots, I said the same thing about mine Friday, but mine barely heats up. I think it's only right to throw it in the trash, unless someone wants to melt wax or something like that.

  2. WOOHOO!!! What perfect timing! Now, just be sure you don't burn YOURSELF on that metal rim. :-)

  3. Crackin' up because I immediately saw where this was going! SCORE!

  4. You will love how easily the paint comes off! I use a little of the baking soda cleaner in the water. Nice score :)

  5. I keep forgeting to tell you, I love your new avatar - so cute!