Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Kitchen Reveal

With the kitchen all but finished, I thought it was high time to show y'all some pictures. 

It's hard (at least for me) to take pictures of a room that really shows you what it looks like.  I guess if I was good with computers, I'd figure out some way to splice these photos together into one big panoramic photo.  But I'm not, so this is the best I can do.  These were taken in a clockwise direction around the kitchen.

Looking in from the dining room, and to the left.  New backsplash, new cutting board end of countertop, new countertops, new cabinet pulls, new sink and faucet, new wallpaper, and new plates with chickens on 'em.  (I decided on the plates instead of the vintage ads; I think they "go" better.)  New bread machine, which is not usually out on the counter like that, but I was baking bread when I took these photos.  Oh yeah, and a new can of pineapple next to the sink.  I'm just keepin' it real here, folks.

Looking straight in from the dining room door.  Here you can see a couple of the things that still need to be done.  The cabinet pulls on the little cabinets above the fridge still need to be traded out for the new ones.  The plain wood door there still needs to be painted white.  After that, I'll hang a bulletin board on it and a lot of the junk on the fridge door will be moved over there.  That door goes out to what was originally an open back porch and is now my laundry room.  Since the laundry room has no HVAC, keeping the door shut helps the rest of the house stay warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.  To the right of the calendar on the wall is the door to my bedroom.  (You can't see it in the photo; the other door you see in this photo is the pantry door.)  One other thing I need to do:  pick up that little saucer on the floor.  Marie and Louis eat their yogurt every morning from that little saucer.

The pantry door and other side of the kitchen.  This is the best photo of the wall color.  I knew I wanted yellow walls in my kitchen, but finding the right yellow was hard.  I didn't want it to be too light or too brown, and I think this color is just right.  Unfortunately, I can't tell you what it is because I painted the walls almost three years ago and didn't save the label from the paint can.  It's Ralph Lauren paint, and it might be Goldfinch...but don't hold me responsible if you buy that color and your room ends up looking like a school bus.

And finally, looking at the kitchen from the back porch door, into the dining room.  The kitchen door is the only door in the house without a transom above it, and the trim in the kitchen is the only flat trim in the whole house.  That leads me to think that this room has always been the kitchen, but I have no way of really knowing that.

And there you have it, my re-done kitchen.  You can see "during" photos here and here and a "before" photo here.  By the way, I realized as I was talking to my mom today that sometime this week is the third anniversary of my moving into the Kelly House.  I closed on the house and moved in the week before Thanksgiving of 2006.  What a long, strange trip it's been...


  1. Yay! What a difference the new backsplash makes. And I love the chicken plates.

  2. What a beautiful, cozy kitchen. So warm.

    More than once I've wished I remembered the name of a paint color I'd used in the past. If I were really organized, I'd keep a notebook, but now at least I keep the paint sample chips. Sometimes I even write on them where the paint was used :-)

    In my dreams, all the previous owners of a house have keep one big notebook detailing what they've done to a house, so it's immediately apparent why a wall looks a little strange...

  3. I LOVE it! All my favorite colors plus chickens! But I have to say my very most favorite part is the butcher block section. That's brilliant. Good job, it looks fabulous!

  4. I love this kitchen! I agree with the chicken plates, they look adorable. I'm drooling over that backsplash. I LOVE copper! Great job!

  5. Jayne, Great job! I love your colors too. You've really accomplished a lot in three years and now you have this to mark off your list. Congratulations!

  6. Awesome, awesome, awesome! (Do you think that I think it's awesome?)

    You’ve done an amazing job. Happy third houseaversary! And you really HAVE done a lot in a short span of time. Funny. We got a 20-year headstart on you but have really only kicked things into overdrive since right before you bought The Kelly House. (For us, that started with repainting the house during the late summer/fall of 2006.)

  7. Nice! The color is perfect, and the backsplash is awesome!

  8. Hey.....that the same cookbook holder that is on my Christmas list except I asked for a black one.

    Great job on the kitchen.