Sunday, November 15, 2009

Got My Sleep On

Saturday morning I went all Betty Crocker-y and bought groceries, browned hamburger, and put together a big pan of lasagna for supper Saturday night—after having been awake all night at work the night before.  And then, because I was obviously delirious from lack of sleep, I texted Reed:  "I made a big pan of lasagna.  Supper at your place tonight before I go to work.  See ya about 4:00."  Four?  What was I thinking??

Then the cats and I snuggled up in my flannel sheets, I donned my little sleep mask (the one that has GO AWAY in big letters on it), put in my ear plugs (hey, the neighbors are noisy) and fell fast asleep.  Without setting an alarm.  Louis Cat woke me up at 4:40.  Oops.  I took the quickest shower ever, threw on some clothes, and ran out of the house carrying a big foil-wrapped pan of lasagna before me and holding my cell phone between ear and shoulder.  Reed lives next street over—down the alley, around the corner, cross the street, and you're there—which is mighty convenient when you're running almost an hour late and the lasagna's still unbaked.  I arrived on the front porch of his house, a little breathless, and full of apology.

"I'm so sorry.  I know I said four, and you probably packed up early at work and everything for me and now we're gonna have to rush to eat before I leave and I can't believe I forgot to set my alarm so it's a good thing Louis woke me up, and I forgot the salad at the store too so this is all there is, and did you turn the oven on?"

"It's alright," Reed grinned.  "I'm just glad you got your sleep on."


  1. you dropped the pan of lasagna and threw your arms around him and...........?

  2. What a picture of you running down the street the with the pan of lasagna! I was certain it would slip out of your hands. Glad it didn't. Glad you got your sleep on. Glad you found such a great guy.