Thursday, October 15, 2009

Moving Midway

During my movie-watching marathon this past weekend, I watched this documentary. Twice. It's that good. From the title, I expected it to be mostly about moving a house. Although on the surface the movie is about that, the deeper story is of the history of the Hinton family and the role that the Southern plantation plays in both fiction and in fact. It's fascinating.


  1. That's fascinating. Here's a newspaper article about it

    and the DVD is on sale at

  2. Or for those of us who are cheap or frugal, it turns out Netflix has it.

  3. I should've mentioned that I watched it through Netflix's Watch Instantly, which is truly one of the greatest inventions of modern times. :)

  4. For some reason, even though my pc has enough hardware according to the Netflix folks, watch instantly is more like watch slowly with pauses and audio and video getting out of sync.

    I sure would like to know how to fix that, if anyone has any ideas.

    I've also visited one or two of those sites that time your Internet transfer rate, and those are supposedly to be okay too. Plus I have the latest version of the Silverlight player they use.