Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Behold the icky little mice frolicking in my front windows!
Templates available here, along with lots of other creepy-cool Halloween ideas from our girl Martha.


  1. LOL! That is awesome!
    Thanks for the link, my grandkids are gonna love it!

  2. I'll bet I can make mice for my windows just by printing out Martha's templates and punting on the construction paper... Maybe enlarging the mice first. Too cute :-)

  3. I love it! I might have to try this, I know I have construction paper around here someplace. I have done ZERO decorations this year, don't even have a pumpkin yet (hangs head in shame).

  4. Paper mice in the windows are adorable! Real mice under the kitchen sink -- not so much.

    Very cute decorations. I may have to make a Martha visit.

  5. Thanks everybody!

    Karen Anne--I just printed 'em off and cut 'em out, too. I wish I'd made the mice a little bigger though.

    Why S?--Louis keeps trying to tear them off the windows, but I think it's just because he's destructive. The day we had the real mouse in the kitchen, he sat idly by & watched. lol