Sunday, September 6, 2009

On The Brink

It's 5:17 a.m. Sunday morning.  Less than two hours til the end of my shift.  I'm on the brink of three days off—wahoo!  

And for once, I don't have to check the weather forecast because....this is exciting, folks....the biggest part of the house that's still unpainted is under the front porch roof.  Yep, as I walked around the house last night before I went to work I realized the List of the Un-Done is pretty darn short:  two windows on the east side of the house, a freizeboard on the dining room gable, one clapboard on the side porch, two more windows on the front porch, and the front of the house where the screen porch is. 

Sooooo....not only am I on the brink of three days off, I'm also on the brink of finishing the outside of the house!  Wahoo, indeed!


  1. Yay! Now what about pics? Not having any pics is driving me crazy. I'm a visual learner. lol

  2. Jayne,

    .....I think I can, I think I can, I think I can......;D

  3. If I don't see a photo soon.....I don't know what I'll do!!!!

    Jayne, has anyone ever told you you were a big tease?

    Does WTB have a computer you can use for 5 minutes to post a photo????

    How ironic considering your previous bug post, the verification word on this post was 'sting'.

  4. Jan--Well, gosh, I never thought of that! I'll try to use my friend Sharon's laptop in the next couple of days and get some photos up. I have lots of photos to share!